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Glass Tabletop Repair: A DIY Guide to Repairing Your Glass Table

Glass tables are the modern trend and are in almost every household. These tables make a home look classy and glassy as well. Your glass table could be a coffee table, glass sofa table, kitchen glass counter, top glass dining table or something else, but one thing remains; they are an elegant piece of furniture.

However, many glass table owners have experienced accidental cracks on the table due to its fragile nature. Glass tables can develop scuff marks or even completely break. You do not have to worry now since we shall discuss the DIY Guide to repairing your glass table below. You will no longer keep the broken glass tables in the storage room.

What Causes Scuff Marks, Scratches, Cracks, and Breakages on Glass Tables

Glass tables can scuff, crack, or break for many reasons. This could be anything from a heavy object falling on the glass or the glass shuttering by itself after a long time of use. Here are some causes of scuffs, scratches, cracks and breakages of glass tables.

  • Careless handling as you move the glass table aroud. You could knock it into a hard surface or let it fall on the ground
  • Placing a heavy object on the table surface
  • Dragging an object over the glass table; leaving behind scratch marks
  • Accidents
  • Aging of the glass material
  • Poor glass quality
  • Acts of God

Glass Tabletop Repairs for Scuffs, Scratches, Cracks, and Breakages

Make sure that small children and pets are not around you when performing the DIY processes we are going to recommend below. This will help avoid unexpected accidents, particularly with glass which can be dangerous. If you do not have a repair kit, make sure you get one. You can buy a repair kit online or places such as home repair centers, auto parts stores, or any retailer with automotive repair sections.

How to Address Cracks on a Glass Table

  • Examine your glass table first. Check whether you can handle the damage or if it needs professional help. If the glass has cracks all over the surface, just dispose of it.
  • To repair cracks, you need a special glass resin or a glass filler (which should come with your repair kit). You want to make sure you have enough of it to be able to cover the available cracks completely. You also need bridges that will be used with the resin before the repair.
  • The next step is to clean and dry your table, particulary at the point of crack. Wear protective gloves to prevent accidental cuts. You need also to wear protective goggles to prevent glass particles from reaching your eyes.
  • Read the instructions that come with the repair material for the best results. In most instances, you’ll need to start with setting up the bridges then applying resin at the affected area.
  • The next move is to apply the right amount of pressure on the bridges to move the cracked glasses towards each other. This will help fix the them instantly. Follow manufactures guidelines to the latter to avoid repeating the process.
  • When you are done fixing the cracks, excess resin will naturally overflow out of the crack. Use a razor blade to remove the overflown filler. This will leave your glass table clean and ready for use. Note that working with resins from different manufactures may require a different approach. So read the instructions and do according to what they require of you.

How to Address Scratches on a Glass Table

Are you experiencing scratches on your glass table? We discuss a simple DIY process to restore your glass table and make it look new.

First, you need to assess the level of the scratches. If they are deep and long, DIY is not the best option. Seek help from a professional glass repair. Also, make sure you’ve cleaned the scratched area to avoid leaving unwanted marks around it.

Use Toothpaste

A thin scratch just needs whitening toothpaste that is not in gel form. The same mechanism that toothpaste use to remove sticky dirt off your teeth is what makes it work on glass scratches. Rub the toothpaste on the scratch using a polishing cloth until the scratch clears. Your movements should be gentle to avoid additional scratch marks.

In case the scratch does not clear with toothpaste, here is something else you can do.

Use Ammonia and Water

Take a ½ ounce of ammonia and mix it with ½ liters of water. Use a clean cloth to clear the scratch using the solution. Do this by rubbing the cloth across the mark. Rub the scratched area gently and make sure ammonia does not sprinkle into your eyes.

Use Nail Polish

You can also use nail polish to clear the scratch using the same process as in the case of ammonia. Make sure you clean the nail polish after the scratch is gone to leave the glass top sparkling.

Use a Drilling Kit

If you do not see the scratch clearing, then it’s time to invest in a glass repair kit. It’s wise to ask for advice from glass manufacturers on the best items to use for these repairs. Make sure you know the kind of glass, depth, and color before you buy your repair kit. You can also seek help from a local home improvement center about scratch management on glass tables. They will advise you on the best glass repair kit for repair specifically for your table.

In case you love dealing with electricity, then this DIY will impress you. Look for a repair kit that comes with electric tools and polish. Apply the polish on the scratch before you start drilling. 

Connect that disk specifically to an electric socket. Make sure that you drill gently on the scratch until it fades away. The process is fast and simple.

How to Address Breakages on a Glass Table

Most glass tables are made using a toughened mode. Because of this, a table made with the right standards must shatter into small pieces in case of breakages.

You cannot repair such a breakage. Just dispose of the broken pieces appropriately. These are the types of glass that are perfect to replace a broken one; 

  • Acrylic plastic is very similar to glass. It is durable and can never break. Make sure you cover it with a classy protector. 

The protector helps maintain the classy and modern look in your house. Also, it helps prevent scratches.

  • Laminated Glass is combined with vinyl for safety purposes. The glass is elegant enough to help maintain a modern look in your home.
  • Annealed Glass is a great replacement for your broken table as well. You can never notice the difference from the original. It is not heavy due to the too much heat used while manufacturing it. You will need to handle it with care to avoid breakage.

How to Address Scuffing on a Glass Table

Scuffs can dull sections of your glass table, which isn’t a good thing for most people. Often it’s as a result of placing and dragging of heavy and rough objects on the table.

To get rid of scuffs, you can use most of the methods we used to remove cracks (above). These include rubbing toothpaste, a mixture of ammonia and water, nail polish across the scuffed area, or when the situation seems hopeless, get a glass repair kit to grind down the scuff(s). 

These are the simplest methods to make your glass table always sparkling. After doing the job, soak a soft piece of clothing in water and wipe gently on the scuffed area and the entire table to make it clean as new.

Final thought on Glass Tabletop Repair

You can avoid breakage cracks and all the other damages that could happen on a glass table by following the methods we’ve discussed above. The best approach is always to address the problem as soon as it occurs. Doing this helps reduce the spread of cracks, breakage, scuffing, and all other damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair a long crack on a glass table?

Any glass table with a crack measuring 150cm X 120cm and above cannot be repaired. Just keep it safely in the storage room to avoid accidents. You can replace it with another new glass table to maintain the elegant look.

Where do I buy the kit?

You can easily get a glass repair kit online or at a local automotive store. This will prevent the loss of buying fake kits that cannot help repair the cracked glass. Ensure you read instructions well to be sure whatever you are using is solving your problem.

Can a roughened edge be polished out?

Yes it can. Use epoxy or clear nail polish to fill the broken edge of your glass table.

How do you maintain a crack to avoid spreading it

Use bridges to secure the glass by pressing each end towards the crack. This prevents the crack from spreading further. Avoid moving the table around and repair this damaged section as soon as you are able.

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