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Free Office Furniture | How to Get Used Office Furniture at $0

When you are just starting a business, sticking to a budget is critical to set aside enough money for what really matters. Not that furniture doesn’t matter, but it isn’t cheap. If you are to sit and work comfortably, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on purchases and transportation. This financial burden is what we are trying to help you avoid. The good news? There’s a way to start humble thanks to the available ways of getting free office furniture.

Might not be new, but it’s possible to get “as good as new” used furniture for free. Yes, that’s $0 on furniture. Here’s how and where to get your furniture.

Search for “$0 Office Furniture”

A quick Google search may land you on such a website with just what you need – free office furniture. The thing is, there are many organizations that are disposing of furniture to transform their premises as a rebrand, to downsize, or as a routine. They are happy to donate the furniture they have to create space for new ones. If they are big organizations, you can get as much furniture as you need and even invite others to get some.

Often, such organizations list what is available on their websites; these might be chairs, desks, cupboards, and many others. They also provide a location, hopefully near you, to fetch what you need. Sometimes you’ll have to pay for the transportation costs, which is still a bargain. Just don’t be greedy, take what your business requires.

Tip: Don’t just check the first top results. Such sites don’t spend on optimization so such pages might be on the second or third pages.

Free and for Sale Sites

There are hundreds of free-for-sale websites out there. Search these on social platforms like Facebook and Google as well. Just like you go to Amazon and buy something, you can go on the sites and pick the items you need. The only difference is that you’ll pay $0 for whatever you choose. The furniture you get here is from people or businesses who are moving and not willing to deal with the hassle and costs of moving things around.

Again, you might be required to pay for shipping costs which is nothing compared to the value you get. Unlike our first option, here you’ll do some searching and won’t necessarily get what you need. That’s because there are many people looking for free things (furniture) to use or resell elsewhere.

Get Office Furniture From Charities

Though not for everyone, getting help from a charity is an option many may consider. In most charities, you’ll have to formally apply for help to get what you need. This will require you to have a referral from a social worker plus details about your income, expenses, and assets among other requirements. You can get help in this situation if you can demonstrate that:

  • You come from a poor family
  • You were formally a homeless person
  • You are unemployed and just starting out in life
  • You are disabled
  • You are a senior citizen
  • You just survived a disaster like floods, hurricane, etc

As you might tell, this category is not for everyone but for the few who qualify a great opportunity to get quality furniture, possibly new. You’ll get this in religious organizations or government-owned charities.

Furniture on Sites Like Freecycle

Freecycle is a none profit website designed for people from everywhere to share stuff. No membership fees required! You can give or receive stuff near your town including free office furniture. It’s just a matter of looking around from the available items. When you find a piece of furniture that looks good, act fast because good things get new owners quickly.

Curbside Gems

If you live in any of the cities in America or the UK, then it’s not strange to find fairly decent office furniture on the sidewalk. Often the owners consider it trash and put it on the streets to be collected by garbage collectors. Some owners are generous enough to “free office furniture” label their stuff for a few days before throwing them away. You have to keep your eyes open and be aggressive to get good office stuff here because not every home or office will throw away their furniture.

Another great option is looking out for loading docks at the end of the month when people are moving in or out. Things that don’t fit on the trucks, lifts or stairs, are often left for the grabs for those nearby.

Check Community E-Bulletin Boards

Are you on one of those community e-bulletins? If not find a one and sign up. You’ll be surprised how may free office stuff is available on there. Instead of moving around estates to find curbside treasures, you conveniently find what’s available and go fetch it.

Move out Days at Universities

At the end of the year when colleges are closing with new graduates leaving, you won’t believe how may good stuff they leave behind. Some of it is shared but most is left as trash. You can easily find office chairs, office desks, tables, and cabinets, and even computers.

Have a Few Bucks to Spend on Office Furniture?

If you have a small budget for furniture and want to spend it on decent furniture, consider the following:

Thrift Stores – There are many thrift stores where you can buy office furniture at a very low cost. Just look around near your place and there sure has to be one or two such shops.

Garage Sales – Garage sales can be a gold mine. You’ll get a lot of stuff including home office furniture that someone is ready to dispose off. You never know, you might even get furniture for free if you ask.

Final Thought on Free Office Furniture

If you don’t have enough money to buy office furniture, you can still get some for free. The suggestions above work so well, you won’t realize it when your office is up and running. When you get money to buy new furniture visit us on this website for quality recommendations from our top reviewers. You won’t be disappointed.