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Headboard Installation Guide: Easy and Quick Steps

If you are looking to uplift the feel of your bedroom or protect your walls from abrasion caused by your bed, then we can promise that getting your hands on the best headboard will be a gamechanger.

Whether freestanding, bed frame-mounted, or wall-mounted, headboards are a great way to beautify your bedroom, make it more comfortable, and get extra storage space for your stuff.

If you already own a headboard or just got one it’s time to install it. This may seem a laborious process, and many people tend to let professional hands take on the task but the process doesn’t have to be stressful.

If you have some free time and all the tools needed, we have put together this detailed guide for you. You can install any type of headboard with this guide.

Headboard Installation Guide: Wall Mounted Headboards

Wall-mounted headboards are those that are flashed against the wall rather than attached to the bed frame. 

These headboards are usually appealing to customers because they have a clean look and can also save some extra space in the bedroom.

If you like to sit on your bed while watching TV, be sure to get a padded wall-mounted headboard. Whatever your style preference is, you are sure to get the perfect headboard to suit your style and comfort needs.

And getting a wall-mounted headboard installed shouldn’t take much of your time: Here’s how to do it fast.

How to install a wall-mounted headboard

What you’ll need

  • Spirit level
  • A wall-mounted headboard
  • Stud finder
  • Pencil or markers
  • Drill and screws
  • Attachment brackets

Here’s how to install a wall-mounted headboard

Step One: Measure your wall mounted headboard

When installing a headboard, you don’t want to get the measurements wrong and risk starting the whole task all over again. Measure the distance between the hooks of your headboard, between the hooks, and the floor.

Step Two: Draw a reference line

Using a spirit level, draw a reference line on the wall where you want the headboard to be positioned.

The line should be drawn at least an inch from where the top of the headboard will be and an inch from either side of the headboard.

Using a pencil or marker, mark the center point of the reference line to guide you when installing the headboard.

Step Three: Locate studs

Unless you are 100% sure that all parts of your wall are strong enough to support the weight of the headboard, you will have to find strong points for placing the fasteners.

Most walls hide studs that serve as a skeleton to support the wall. Using a stud finder, locate studs inside the wall and mark the exact places where you will place screws so that your wall-mounted headboard is securely held.

Step Four: Attach fitting elements to the wall

Once you have located studs and marked at least two positions where your headboard will hang from, next is to screw fitting elements to the wall.

Screw the brackets into the outermost stud markings using the provided screws. If your headboard didn’t come with screws, you might need to purchase them separately.

Ensure the fittings are properly spaced at intervals that correspond to fittings behind the headboard.

Also, if you feel your headboard is extra heavy, you may add an additional bracket to the center stud to ensure your headboard won’t fall off in the middle of the night.

Step Five: Hang your wall mounted headboard

If you are confident the fittings on the wall will support the weight of your wall-mounted headboard, now it’s time to hang your headboard.

At this point, you may need extra hands from a friend or family member, given the size of your headboard. Heavy and big headboards may be hard to align to the wall by yourself.

Now lift the headboard and hang it from the screws just like you would install a picture frame.

Use the level to ensure your headboard is straight.

Enjoy your wall-mounted headboard.

And that is how to install a wall-mounted headboard. If you followed through all the steps, you can now return your bed into place and align it with your newly installed headboard.

You now have a comfortable place to relax when reading a book or working on your laptop after a push and pull day. Enjoy your headboard.

Headboard Installation Guide: Bed frame mounted headboards

Unlike wall mounted headboards, bed frame mounted headboards are screwed directly to the bed frame. 

These headboards are common because they make the whole bed a single unit. And when they are properly screwed to the frame, you will have an all-in-one bed that can be easily moved around without having to dismantle first.

When you purchase a bed frame-mounted headboard separately, chances are that you will not have attachment brackets included. If that’s the case with you, consider checking our best headboard adapter kits so that you can purchase one separately.

How to install a bed frame mounted headboard

To attach a bed frame mounted headboard, you will need the following:

  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Wrench or pliers
  • Washers
  • Headboard adapter kits
  • Drill

Step One: Prepare your workspace

Before you start attaching your bed frame mounted headboard, create ample space to make sure the process runs smoothly and takes the shortest time possible. 

You may need to pull the bed a couple of feet away from the wall to give you extra space to work comfortably and remove the mattress and box spring to access the bed frame easily. Keeping your bedroom clean in the course of installation will ensure you easily access the headboard and necessary installation tools to secure it in place. Also, consider getting a partner to help you align the brackets and lift your headboard into place.

Step Two: Check the bed frame for attachment brackets

Unfortunately, not all bed frames have attachment brackets included, although many of them do. As a rule of the thumb, ensure you check the frame if it has attachment brackets already or if they are included in the setup kit. If not, you’ll need to buy them separately- check the instructions to find out compatible types.

Step Three: Check the headboard mount option

Now that you have the attachment brackets, next is to check your headboard and find out which attachment mechanism it uses to connect to the bed frame.

Headboards are usually attached using the “bolt-on”  or “hook-on” design. Bolt-on attachment brackets have holes drilled on them for passage of bolts, while hook on designs are made with slits where hooks can be attached. For the bolt-on design, we suggest checking the diameter of the holes to determine the size of bolts you’ll need to connect the headboard securely.

Step Four: Position the headboard

Position the headboard against the front side of the bed frame with the finished side facing the bed. Center the headboard across the width of the bed frame and have it held temporarily by a heavy object like a table.

Step Five: Mark and drill mounting holes to the headboard (if they don’t exist)

If your headboard doesn’t have pre-drilled holes, you have nothing to worry about. Grab the drill and punch holes entirely through the headboard, ensuring they align with holes on the attachment bracket. 

Step Six: Secure the headboard with bolts and wing nuts

Lastly, push a bolt from the back of the headboard, through the headboard and further through the hole on the attachment bracket. Add a washer and secure the headboard using a wing nut. Tie the nut until it is finger tight and repeat the process for the other leg.

If the size of the holes on the headboard exceeds the size of the bolt head, you may need to add a washer on the head of the bolt. Check that the headboard is still aligned correctly and tighten the bolt using a wrench or pliers.

Final Thought on Headboard Installation

And that’s it; the job is done. Now you know how to install a headboard. Suppose you feel like it’s time to give your bedroom a facelift and improve your sleep; a headboard is the way to go. Don’t hesitate to check out the best headboards and what’s more is you can choose from a variety of designs, colors, and fabric finishes to complement your bedroom.