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Used Office Furniture: Reasons you Should Never Buy

Buying furniture for a home or office is an amazing move but an expensive one especially if you are looking for modern, classy, and new furniture. That’s why many people consider buying used furniture. The option of buying used office furniture is a great alternative if you absolutely have no other option. In fact, we have a guide for you to find free office furniture like this. However, used office furniture come with setbacks that you must look into first before owning them. Perhaps the reasons why you shouldn’t buy this type of furniture at all.

No Warranty or Service Plan

Used furniture is not cost-effective and you cannot experience the value for your money. If you get it for free, definitely no one can give you a warranty. Also, free items have no service plan.

If it breaks, catches fire, or tears, the repair costs are on you. You will always dig deeper in your pockets when it comes to used items. Warranty saves you from more expenses and a service plan helps you save on repair costs. The advantage of a warranty is that you can always return the furniture to the manufacturer or the seller in case it breaks, tears, or dislocates.

Have High Maintenance Costs

Used furniture is often not in the best state. In most cases, the initial owner must have repaired so many times, lost hope in before disposing of it. When you buy such a piece you’ll likely be inheriting the problems.

Nothing guarantees you as the new owner that the furniture will never need repair. Used furniture can demand repair often even if they look fine when buying them. This will increase your expenses unexpectedly. So, if you are in a business, they might bring in a loss or decrease in your profits. Used furniture will always demand to look better every time. So, the cost of maintenance will be unbearable with time.

Not Easy to Get a Compatible Set

This is another drawback that you must consider. Used furniture is not disposed of at the same time. The owners always begin disposing of the oldest or that which is worn out more than the others. Therefore, it will be hard to get a complete set.

For your office or home to look organized and classy, the furniture must be compatible. If you must buy used furniture, make sure that they are uniform. In case you want them to be compatible you will have to get deeper in your pocket and have them painted a similar color.

You Can Get Them for Free

Used furniture is readily available at no cost. You can get them from your friends, family, and neighbors. Do not spend your money on used furniture since you will spend more on the repairs. Here are other ways to get free office furniture.

Save a little more to buy new furniture if you do not want them for free. New furniture has more advantages in comparison to using the older versions. If you must have old furniture look around on whoever is disposing of their used furniture. You will be lucky to have a full similar set for free.

Foul Smell

Would you love a foul smell in your home or office? This can be a turn-off each and every day you sit on that couch. Unfortunately, you do not know what happened to that furniture before you bought it. Expect random weird smell from it.

However smart it can be, no one can stand having a bad smell in your office or home. You will have to spend additional costs on cleaning. In case cleaning fails to clear the smell, you will have to change the materials used in making it. That calls for an additional cost on the furniture.

In case you buy a used coach, it will be more expensive to clean or replace the fabric with new ones. The bad smell can be from pets such as dogs and cats. The furniture needs to be treated for hygiene purposes. For stubborn stains you also need professionals to get rid of them.

Not Fun

You will barely find fun on used furniture. In case you have bought a used coach; you can never enjoy the comfort that comes with a new one. the bouncy feeling is gone. The warm feeling that comes with new furniture never exists with old ones.

You can never enjoy that classy and modern look that comes with new furniture if you buy old ones. Be ready to start dealing with rotten foot stands, broken edges, worn-out, and dirty fabrics. You cannot flaunt used furniture to your friends. All you will be looking forward to is how to clean and make them look better.

May Not be Modern in Style

Everyone is disposing of old furniture to get modern and classy ones. The eldest furniture is full of prints that are not modernized. Also, the old furniture is not durable enough in comparison with the modern furniture. So, most people choose to dispose of the non-durable ones and acquire the modern and durable ones.

In case you get the used furniture for a business such as an eatery, this used furniture can be the cause of customer reduction. Consumers must have noticed another eatery that has modern furniture which is more welcoming and attractive than yours.

High Risk of Pest Infestation

Pest’s love living in a dirty and old place. These pests include rats, cockroaches, annoying mosquitoes, termites among others. A pest-infested room has no peace. You cannot enjoy using infested furniture. If you get attacked by bugs at night, you will have to dispose of them the next morning.

If you had bought them, you would be at a loss. Some of these pests such as cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, and flies are a health hazard. In case you choose to still keep the infested furniture, it will cost you more money to fumigate them.

Final Thought on Used Office Furniture

Having discussed the above drawbacks of used furniture, it is upon you to make a decision. Do you still want to spend your money on that used furniture you saw? It is better to enjoy the money-back guarantee, warranty, and value for your money after buying new furniture. It is advisable to save until the money is enough for new furniture. However, if you can handle the disadvantages above, look for free used furniture.