Chaise/Chez lounges and umbrellas

A Guide to Chaise/Chez Lounges – Read Before You Buy

Chaises trace their history to ancient Egypt. Well, the word is French, but that just shows how old this piece of furniture is.

World over, chaises are known for their relaxing and stylish elegance. Over time, they have undergone a few design changes that make them usable in any space, indoors and outdoors depending on the material used. Chaise lounges come in comfortable fabric like leather, to not so comfortable wood, metal, and plastic.

When you go shopping for chaise lounges (some people call them chez lounges) you’ll quickly realize that choosing the right one goes beyond the color, size, and style. That’s why you need this guide.

Chaise/Chez Lounge Guide: Interior Chaises Vs. Outdoor Chaise Lounges

Though all chaise lounges come as elongated seats with an angled back designed to support the entire body, you’ll consider a range of things before buying one. The most important consideration is where you intend to use it. Just like in buying sofas, knowing this will help you decide on the material and design.

Indoor chaise lounges come in lux and often comfortable materials compared to their outdoor brothers. And considering they are not affected by the weather in the open, the materials don’t have to be resistant to moisture or heat. You can get these chez lounges in leather, real wood, metal, high-end upholstery, quality microfiber, polyester, among other options.

On the other hand, outdoor chaise lounges need to be resistant to the heat in the open as well as moisture. This is particularly important if they remain outside day and night. Some of the considerations to get the right material include:

  • The comfort of the material
  • Its ability to withstand weather elements
  • The value they’ll offer in the longrun
  • How the material looks like
  • The maintenance the material requires

If you have a shelter, a shade, or some sort of outdoor coverings, some of the materials you can get for your outdoor chez lounges include; softwoods, wicker, and hardwoods. With these, you should make sure they are not exposed in direct rain or sunshine. Plus, provide the maintenance they need.

Conversely, if you need chaise lounges that will stay out in the open, the best materials you can invest in include: aluminum, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and teak. These three can work well outdoors with minimal maintenance.

We’ll discuss the behavior of all these materials toward the end of this post. Stay tuned.

Chaise/Chez Lounge Guide: Space Vs. Size and Weight

Chaise lounges or chez lounges as some people know them are some of the biggest pieces of furniture you can own. So before you invest in one, make sure you measure your space. This might seem obvious but it’s one of the most common mistakes furniture buyers make.

If your chaise lounge is meant for indoors, make sure you consider the entrances to where you want to use it before buying one. Let’s say you want one for the basement; yet your basement has a narrow staircase and a smaller door than a regular one; in this case, it’s safer to buy detachable chaises. With this, you move each piece at a time then install them into a lounge afterward.

Open spaces like a patio, waterfronts, or decks might seem spacious enough for any type of furniture but don’t make that assumption yet. Use a measuring tape to be sure what you’ll buy is suitable to fit there and leave space for movement.

Typically, a chaise lounge will measure somewhere about 16″ tall (off the ground), 27″ wide (including the armrests), and 80″ long. That’s plenty of space for a couch yet you need more than that to conveniently fit one. You should have at least three feet to the nearest obstacle. Here measurements to consider

  • Chaise lounge lengths lie between 73 – 80 inches
  • Chaise lounge sitting area lengths lie between 42 – 48 inches
  • Chaise lounge heights lie between 35 – 40 inches
  • Chaise lounge widths lie between 25 – 30 inches
  • Chaise lounge seat heights lie between 11 – 12 inches

If you plan to buy lounge chairs for public spaces, you need to consider the pandemic situation the world is in now. Leave three feet in between a set of lounges for easy access and safety.

Does Chaise Lounge Weight Matter?

Yes. The weight of your chaise lounge matters. While these pieces of furniture are known to be bulky, you should think about their weight if you are going to use them on the outdoors in a windy place. To be safe, avoid aluminum chaise lounges for windy places.

Chaise/Chez Lounge Guide: Adjustable Vs. Detachable Vs. Fixed Chaise Lounge

As we mentioned in the beginning, chaise lounge designs have improved in many ways. We now can have chaise lounges that come packaged in a box which you can then take and put together at home. All you need is the installation guide plus a kit to do the work and voila! Some come as small units that you just need to place beside each other to make it whole. These are detachable chaises.

Such chaises are good if you enjoy the installation process and if you have small entries to your home or wherever you plan to use them.

Adjustable Chaise lounges are the kind you can adjust the components during use. This could be the backrest or legs. Such a lounge is good during movement whereby you can easily fold it, package, and move it around. This type of chaise furniture would work great for temporary use like in situations where you are renting them.

Commonly, chaise lounges for indoor use (and some outdoor ones) come as a fixed unit. These can make movements a big hustle but they don’t need any installation skills from your end. Just carry, place them at the target place, and start using.

Chaise/Chez Lounge Guide: Accessories

Chaise lounges are designed to offer comfort and relaxation, whether used indoors or outdoors. But they are not complete on their own without additional accessories if you intend to have relaxing moments. Some of these are:

  • Cushions – For the best comfort, you need quality cushions. But always remember that cushions that are good for indoors, is not necessarily god for outdoors. If you are looking for outdoor cushions, make sure the fabric can withstand the elements. Ones that won’t fade.
  • Tables – Often, chaises have wide armrests that you can place stuff as you use the coach. But armrests are not always enough. You can order mini side tables that match the design of your chaise lounges.
  • Cup holders – These are also a common accessory for lounges. Some come cut into the armrests while others are bought separately and attached to the sides of the lounge seat.

Chaise/Chez Lounge Guide: Choose the Right Color

HDPE chaise lounges are the only ones that come in almost any color. So if you want chaises in a range of colors check this option. For wicker, teak, and oak materials, you have to be content with a limited choice of colors and finishes. Aluminum also comes in different finishes. You can choose anything from beautiful, vibrant, to modern and contemporary colors. Check the color image below.

A color chart showing different colors for chaise lounges

Chaise/Chez Lounge Guide: Materials for Indoor and Outdoor Chaise Lounges

As I mentioned earlier, the materials of your chaise lounge will determine where you use it. Here’s how different materials will behave:

Hardwoods for Chaise Lounges

  • Chaise lounges in hardwoods are durable and resistant to denting and scratching
  • Vanishing regularly becomes part of the maintenance process so they can last long
  • They are a great option to windy places
    Instead of leaving them in the open, use them under shades
  • Because of durability and good looks, chaise lounges in hardwoods come at a high price

Teak for Chaise Lounges

  • Well known for producing its own oil, teak is a great material for outdoor furniture
  • It responds well to weather elements and won’t scratch or dent easily and can stay in the open for years
  • Unfortunately, teak comes in only a single color (teak)
  • Maintaining it is not easy as it requires regular sanding to avoid tarnish on the surface
  • With the value it offers, it comes at a high price

Wicker for Chaise Lounges

  • You’ll see a lot of outdoor furniture in wicker because of its good looks that blend well with the outside
  • Its downfall is that it cannot withstand weather elements and regular use as the two we’ve mentioned above
  • If you live in a place where wind gusts are common, only buy wicker chaise lounges for indoor use
  • The weaving of wicker might look good but can be a liability moving forward because it traps dirt
  • Maintaining weaker chaise lounges is a hard task

Metal for Chaise Lounges

  • Metals like aluminum and stainless steel chaise lounges are some of the best for outdoor use
  • They can withstand exposure to moisture, heat, and other weather elements without rusting, fading or wearing out
  • Depending on the construction of an aluminum chaise lounge, it might not withstand wind gusts
  • These pieces of furniture are easy to clean and maintain
  • Some of the common metal finishes you’ll find in the market include:
    • Antiqued
    • Brushed
    • Hammered
    • Polished
    • Satin

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for Chaise Lounges

  • HDPE is another top choice for use on the outdoors because they withstand elements well
  • With a soft-bristled brush, you can clean this material to look as good as new
  • You can get HDPE brushes in any type of color you’d wish
  • They are designed to last and you’ll have to part with some good amount of money to own one
  • When you are done with HDPE lounge chairs you can donate them for recycling

Leather for Chaise Lounges

  • If you are looking for a classic and sophisticated look then leather will serve you right
  • Obviously, these lounges will serve better indoors
  • The inner frame of leather chaises might be any type of wood or material depending on the manufacture
  • You can choose leather in different qualities depending on your budget and what appeals to your eyes. The eight options you have include:
    • Full grain
    • Top grain leather
    • split grain leather
    • Bonded leather
    • Nubuck leather
    • Bi-cast leather
    • Faux leather

Polyester for Chaise Lounges

  • Polyester chaise lounges are great for interior use
  • They are resilient and can handle daily use
  • Their downfall lies in their sensitivity to heat which can spoil them easily
  • It’s in this category that you’ll get options like:
    • Canvas
    • velour
    • tweed
    • satin
    • twill
    • and other microfibers

Chaise/Chez Lounge Guide: Final Thought

With the information provided, you can now buy chaise lounges with confidence. Whether you decide to buy online or visit a local seller for chaise lounges, this guide will help you to determine what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chaise/Chez Lounges

What does chaise lounge mean?

A chaise lounge is a type of furniture that has an elongated seat area with an angled back.

What is the best outdoor chaise lounge?

The best outdoor chaise lounge is one with materials that can withstand the elements. Consider lounges made of metals like aluminum and stainless steel. You can also go for those made of hardwood.

What is chaise in sofa?

People call chaise lounges all sorts of names including chaise furniture, chaise sofas, chaise lounges, chaises, and more.

Is it chaise lounge or longue?

A chaise lounge is the proper name if you are referring to furniture. Depending on where you use the word lounge, it could mean a big waiting room or sitting in a way that is relaxed or lazy. Chaises are meant for relaxed sitting.

Are chaise lounges comfortable?

Yes and no. These pieces of furniture are designed to be comfortable But you’ll only enjoy if you get a good chaise lounge with proper and comfortable cushioning.

Can you sleep on a chaise lounge

Yes. Chaise lounges have an elongated sitting area that you can lie on and sleep comfortably.