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Gift Ideas for Furniture Restoration: Best Picks By Our Experts

Every homeowner wants to own eye-catching modern and classy furniture. But such furniture doesn’t come cheap. If you already got furniture but it has faults, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy new furniture. Furniture restoration is the best way to achieve that desired look.

Furniture restoration is the art of making the furniture you have to get a new look. You do this by bringing back its original beauty, stability, and other important elements. Ideally, restoration must always leave the furniture’s functionality and beauty as it was in the beginning or better. Often, furniture repainting is the top solution to restoring furniture in most homes. Paint makes your furniture look new and lively again. Sometimes though, you need to do more to clear dents, scratches, and gouges. Proper restoration helps the furniture to maintain its value and last long.

There is a number of things you’ll need to restore your furniture and make it useful.

Gifts Ideas Before Furniture Restoration


Where there is furniture, nails must be used. There are specific nails that are used on furniture. Ask for help from the person receiving the gift to identify the kind of furniture they have.

You will also have to know the nail inches that go with such furniture. The seller can also help you determine the amount necessary. If you want a gift for the whole process, it is wise to buy extra nails.

Furniture Refinishing Paint

Paint is one of the top gift ideas for furniture restoration. Before you buy this gift, make sure you are aware of what colors will be used in the restoration process. Otherwise, your gift could be useless for this particular project.

Considering that the furniture restoration process is a costly process, the gift recipient will love paint because they’ll save the money they would use to buy some. Ask for help from the sellers on the best paint that can leave furniture looking attractive.

A person painting furniture


One of the top gift ideas for furniture restoration is brushes. These are not just for painting but also for cleaning, wiping, and doing parts of the repairs. If you don’t have knowledge on the types of brushes for specific purposes to go with furniture, make sure you ask for help.

Buy a full set so that they will not run out of them during the process. A quality brush is the best as it will help achieve tasks faster and more accurately. A quality brush also lasts longer and can be used in future projects.

Hummer or a Nail Gun

A hammer is also a good choice as a gift for furniture restoration. However, make sure you seek help from the seller to get the specific hammer for furniture. This is the best gift idea for furniture restoration because it is a long term item. It can be used even on future projects.

To take this a notch higher, you can buy them a nail gun to make their work more efficient. There are many nail guns out there of different sizes and differing projects. Make sure you purchase one that fits the project.

Screw Drivers

Is someone you care about thinking of doing furniture restoration? Buy them screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are among the gift ideas for furniture restoration because they help put together broken or dismantled. You need to surprise him with a set that contains a variety of screwdrivers.


If a couch is being restored, the chances that the exterior fabric is going to be used are very high. But before you rush for any random fabric on the web, you should understand the taste of the person you intend to buy it for. Your gift should be the best quality because fabric forms the cosmetic part of the furniture and receives a lot of beating over time.

Gifts Ideas After Furniture Restoration

Throw Pillow 

In case your friend has done furniture restoration on their coach, a throw pillow (or several of them would do). The best pillows should match with the coach have concealed zips, and come affordably. There are pillows with all manner of patterns and colors. You can get any design from classic to modern solutions. Find something that can make a home look warm and welcoming. More importantly think about their maintenance.

Outdoor Throw Pillow

It is also known as an outdoor throw pillow. It is among the top gift ideas you can get after furniture restoration. Its beauty and unique paintings make your outdoor furniture look trendy and classy.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you want to find a pillow that is affordable, easy to clean and mildew resistant. It should have a UV treatment coating and be filled with synthetic fiber for comfort.


As you upgrade your furniture to look more classic, all other house items need an upgrade. Make sure you give a loved one a dozen of these mugs.

The good thing with mugs is that they come in small, large, and mega sizes so you can choose whatever size that will make your fit unique. They also come in multiple color shades to choose from. The mugs made of ceramic are an ideal choice because they are appealing and long-lasting as well. Consider factors like the ability of a mug to handle both hot and cold drinks, resist stain and scratches. One should use the mug in a microwave safely.

Flower Vase

This is also among the top gift ideas for furniture restoration. Make sure that the vase matches the restored furniture. This helps maintain the classic mood of a home. Flower vases come in different colors such as gold, silver, white among others. Choose the latest flower vase to maintain the upgraded touch in the entire house.

Gift Ideas You Can Pick Any Time for Furniture Restorers

A book

Getting help with furniture restoration is no different from anything else. It doesn’t matter if you’re restoring furniture, following someone’s cooking instructions, or even if you’re just looking for a good book to read. For a furniture restorer, invest in equipment that will help them to do the restoration task the best way possible. For example, you might want to purchase books on how to fix “x” piece of furniture since there are so many different kinds.


Furniture restorers love wood, and I’m sure they would appreciate this gift! With this, you save them the budget they would spend on wood.

A toolbox/ kit

Any person that does handy work loves an extra set of quality tools. The best ones provide a range of tools, from hammers and screwdrivers to levellers and saws. Anyone doing handy work needs a variety of tools to complete any job. Your toolkit should be easy to carry and it should contain all the essential tools you need to complete your tasks effectively.

A toolkit for furniture restorers

Final Thought on Gift Ideas for Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration is the best idea to upgrade your home affordably. If your furniture is made of wood then the repairs become easy to handle. You just have to repaint, clean, or renovate them to a modern and more stable look. The above gift ideas for furniture restoration are the best before and after the restoration process.