A stool next to a clean microsuede couch

How to Clean Microsuede Couches

Micorosuede couches are not just elegant and comfortable. They are also durable considering that microsuede fabric is specifically sewn to be water-resistant as well as an anti-wear and tear over time. A great option for those with pets. But this doesn’t mean microsuede couches are invincible. You might accidentally spill stuff over it or the material could develop dirt spots over time. That’s perhaps the reason you are searching for how to clean microsuede couches.

Cleaning microsuede couches is not intricate as it might seem. You just need to follow the right process and do so while using the right products. Well, the process is as simple as applying soap over your couches, rubbing it in as you scrub off the dirt, rinsing with clean water, then letting it dry (But don’t rush doing this before reading this entire article) Most importantly, you need to stick to a maintenance routine to keep your microsuede couches in good shape.

What You Need to Clean Miscosued Couches

  • A spray bottle
  • Hard bristled brush
  • Water
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • A clean towel /piece of cloth
  • Baking soda

To start with, get a quality microsuede cleaner; this is often recommended by the manufacturer of the couch. How do you get to know this?

Check around the couch for a code tag

Miscrosuede couches come with tags with codes that indicate the kind of cleaning solutions one can use on them. This might be anything from a “W”, “S” , or “S-W”, to an X.

  • W shows that it’s okay to use a water-based cleaning agent
  • S shows that you can use a solvent-based cleaning agent without any problem. This okays cleaners that dissolve chemical compounds as well
  • S-W shows that both water-based cleaners and solvent based cleaners are okay for the couch
  • X indicates that only vacuum cleaning is allowed (no use of cleaning solution)

For couch covers that can come off, all you need to do is to remove them from your couch, toss them in a washer then dry and return them to your couch. But what happens if parts of your couch don’t come off?

How to Clean a Microsuede Couch Surface – Step by Step Guide

Here’s the process that goes into cleaning your microsuede couches:

Start With Vacuuming the Surfaces

Run a vacuum cleaner over your microsuede couch to get rid of dust and pet hairs before you can use other cleaning solutions on it. This process needs to be gently to avoid leaving marks over the material. Turn your vacuum cleaner down to be effective. If your vacuum cleaner is overly powerful, just use a furniture brush instead. If you plan on buying a vacuum cleaner, here’s our guide to the best vacuum cleaner for home use.

Use the Recommended Cleaning Solution

With your microsuede couch free of dust and pet hair, it’s time to apply your cleaning solution over it. Test on a small spot first to be sure it does not result in further staining or discoloration of your couch.

Use a spray bottle to spray the solution on the couch as you rub it in. Don’t oversaturate sections of your couch – spray as you wipe dry with a clean rag. A second sponge wipe should get rid of trapped moisture.

The W microsuede fabrics can use commercial cleaners. You can also use either warm or cold water. S materials can use undiluted rubbing alcohol. Remember not to use water solvents or water on X materials.

Address Tough Stains With Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is the solution to stubborn stains you find on your microsuede couch. Again don’t use this on X rated couches. Soak a rag or piece of cotton in rubbing alcohol then rub it over the stained part until it completely disappears.

If you can get your hands on hand wipes, they’ll perform the duty well. Another rubbing alcohol is vodka but make sure you are using a liquid that’s clear so you don’t make the staining worse.

Address Oil Stains with Vinegar

Just like you use alcohol in the previous step, take a piece of cloth and soak it in vinegar. Rub the vinegar over your oil stain. If you are worried about the lingering smell of vinegar, use a solvent-based solution or water based solution over it. This should work in removing oil stains from your microsuede couch in most instances.

Scrub Off Stains if the Above Methods Don’t Work

When you’ve tried all the methods we mentioned above, what’s left is using some force to scrub off the stubborn stains. Get the recommended cleaning solution in concentrated measures and apply it liberally on the stain. Then take a brush and try scrubbing the stain off. Do this gently to avoid tearing or leaving marks on the material.

Allow your microsuede couch to dry

Give your microsuede couch about 15 minutes to dry before you can start using it. You can do this by placing the couch outside. Once the couch is dry, place it in its position, return the removable covers, and enjoy your work.

How to Clean Microsuede Couches: Additional Tips for an Effective Process

Cleaning off Ink

Got a spot cleaning machine or a steam cleaner? If you don’t have either, rent one because this can help you remove ink from your microsuede couch. Combine vinegar, baking soda, and water then use it to wash the ink-stained surface. Let your solution fizz for a few minutes then use the cleaning machine. Feel free to use a detergent if you think it’s necessary.

Cleaning Pet Urine

If your pet has misbehaved and had their urine splashed on your miscrosuede couch, blot up the urine as much as you can. Then use water to wet the target area as you sprinkle baking soda over it. With water and baking soda in place, rub them in there until you get a paste. Then sprinkle another layer of soda and afterward let it settle for about 12 hours. Use a vacuum cleaner until your couch looks and feels clean.

Removing Water Stains

If your problem is the unsightly water stains left behind after cleaning, then saturate the affected area with glycerin and let it soak for half an hour. The chemical composition of gycerine lets it break down the water staining to leave behind a clean microsuede fabric. You can get glycerine from a local drug store.

Removing Candle Wax

Take a towel and dampen it in clean water. Fold it in half and place it over the place stained with the candle wax. Then take your steaming box and iron over the towel. This should extract the candle wax from your microsuede couch.

Removing Scratch Marks

If for some reason your microsuede couch surfaces got scratched, use a soft wire brush to rough the affected area. Doing this lets the scratch to blend back in.

Final Thought on How to Clean Microsuede Couches

Microsued couches can be cleaned as long as you understand what fabric you are dealing with. Wash small sections of your couch as you proceed until you cover the entire microsuede surface. But once you have your couch clean, the best way to maintain its quality and beauty is through regular maintenance. Blowing a vacuum cleaner over it on a regular basis ensures you couch is properly maintained.