a dog sitting in a microsuede couch

Is Microsuede Good for Pets?

If you let your furry friends share furniture with you, then you understand how fast fabric can become dirty and damage. But this doesn’t mean you need to bear unsightly furniture covers and stains. When you decide to buy new furniture or want to cover whatever you have, there’s a better choice of material that can serve you well whether you have pets or not.

While there are plenty of fabrics you can choose from, microsuede has become a better choice for most pet owners. With this material, whether your dog or cat is determined to destroy your upholstery or they are just walking, climbing, or sitting on your microsuede furniture, you can count on it to remain in good shape with minimal maintenance.

What is Microsuede and Why is it the Better Choice for Pets?

Microsuede is a fabric made of millions of microfibers. It closely resembles genuine suede leather but suffices to be tougher (more resistant to staining, wear, and tear) than genuine suede leather. Given that this material is man made, you can get it in a plethora of colors and patterns. Another plus is that this material is cheaper than genuine suede leather despite the fact that it offers more value.

Why does microsuede stand out as a material for furnishing homes with pets?

  • It’s resistant to water thus a good option if you deal with a pet that regularly pees on furniture
  • It’s super durable and will still remain intact even with the scratching claws of your pet
  • It’s resistant to staining and will do great when stepped on with dirty paws
  • Microsuede material is easy to clean and won’t be a big issue when pets mess on it
  • Regular maintenance ensures microsuede is in good shape all the time
  • It’s a strong fabric that won’t require replacement soon
  • It has superfine filaments that make it extremely smooth and comfortable. Your pets will love sitting in one position for longer
  • Scratches on the surface from the claws of your pets can be sorted by roughing up the affected area with a wire brush
  • Comes in many colors so you can choose the recommended browns, greys, and camel colors that are better for pets
  • Microsuede can be used both on the outside and inside of your home

Microsuede is Good for Pets, Which Other Materials are Good?

While Microsude stands out as a “pet fabric”, it is not the only material you can trust for pets. Other alternatives include:

Leather – Though not at the level of microsuede, Leather furniture is a good choice for pet owners. The biggest challenge you’ll get scratches from the claws of pets. If possible, take material samples and let your pet move over them to be sure they are a good choice.

Microfiber – Microfiber behaves and looks like microsuede. In fact microsuede is a type of microfiber. This material is great for pets because it’s scratch and stain resistant, plus it looks good.

While at it, there are materials you should avoid at all costs. Don’t buy furniture with nubby material because such is fun for cats; they will enjoy scratching it. Also don’t go for wool, linen, and silk.

How to Choose the Right Microsuede According to Pet

While this part melts down to your personal preferences, you have to consider the color of your pet before investing in any microsuede furniture. The thing is, you don’t want your furry friend or family to shed hair that going to make your furniture constantly dirty. Take a photo of your cat or dog and match it with the fabric color.

That’s why pet owners go for browns, greys, and camel colors to hide the hairs from cats and dogs. Another great way to go about this is choosing a pattern or floral microsuede to camouflage the fur from pets.

At Hudson Products, we recommend that regardless of the fabric you choose, if you have a pet, you should buy a cotton throw that covers the whole couch to protect your furniture. That way, you only clean the cover and avoid damaging the underlying material.