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How to Freshen Up Your Home During Winter

Winter brings with it a wide range of weather conditions. It often rains, snows, and sometimes even hail. Not only can this cause inconvenience in daily life, but may even cause serious health issues. There are many times when you’ll have to stay inside – and so your home needs to be clean. A clean and fresh home will be conducive for everyone that wants to stay indoors and somehow guarantees good health for the entire season.

For this winter, I have some advice on how you can keep your home clean and fresh. One way to freshen up your home is to practice good hygiene by cleaning your rooms. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria that causes the common flu. Other than that there is a range of other things you could do as we are going to discuss below.

What Happens to Your Home During Winter?

During the winter season, cold weather, ice, and snow take over, which can result in a variety of heating issues. For homeowners, it may become necessary to invest in radon remediation, gas repairs, plumbing issues, or other home concerns to keep their homes in good condition. A great way to avoid potential heating problems is to make sure the house is sealed up tightly. It’s also important to thoughtfully use electricity, keep track of large bills, and make sure to clean or change furnace filters. It’s also wise to take the time to test the home, bathroom, and kitchen for radon, which is a gas that can cause health problems.

Wintertime can make it hard to keep your home well-ventilated. The cold air outdoors doesn’t measure well with the warmth indoors, which makes it difficult for your home to feel comfortable. Your home may feel stuffy or take too long to dry off after it rains. The solution? Consider increasing the amount of fresh air that your home is getting. The increased intake will help you take the humidity out of the air, making it easier to breathe.

Here are a few tips to use and make your space look great and remain fresh all winter long. Below are 5 ways to make your home more inviting this winter.

  • -Thaw frozen food outside or in the oven
  • -Put your freezer at the back of your kitchen to help keep the cold air circulating
  • -Wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant
  • -Ensure you have at least one hour of light daily
  • -Use a humidifier to keep the air moist
  • -Remove carpets where they are not in use to encourage air circulation
  • -Other than this, here are some ideas to try:

Decluttering and Reorganising Your Home

It’s good to remember that good organization helps you stay warm. Slight changes in your routine before winter will ensure your winter is less hectic. This is a quick yet effective decluttering tip for the winter season. When the days are shorter and the nights are colder, you really don’t want your home to be as cold as the outside. So decluttering and reorganizing your space is a perfect option to help give your home a breathable touch. Take a day to remove all the unnecessary objects from the space so you don’t have to worry about where they will go. If there are good things you can sell, list them online.

Keeping Your Home Fresh During Winter By Painting

Painting your walls during the winter is a great way to freshen up your home and to create a monthly routine that will help you embrace the change in the seasons. Painting your walls is a much easier job in the winter because the days are shorter and you can paint in much less time. Sometimes, we don’t want to go outside and we’ll often turn to housework tasks like painting as a way to enjoy time at home and make it feel fresh and new.

A new layer of paint ensures you have a new perspective of your home, plus you get rid of the obvious daily smell you’ve had with the previous painting.

Vacuum Your Floors and Other Surfaces

Plan to vacuum, sweep and mop your home at least weekly during winter. The floor is the area that builds up dirt and bacteria the quickest, so make sure you get all of the dust, pet hair, and debris up from the floor. Load the dishwasher at least once a day. Dishes can pile up pretty quickly during winter, and putting them in the dishwasher will keep them from getting too dirty and keep your kitchen clean. Vacuum the curtains and blinds as well to remove the dirt and dust accumulated. This helps to keep your environment healthy for your family.

Bringing Nature Indoors Using Plants and Flowers

The use of indoor plants and flowers is a simple way to bring a little bit of nature into your home, but it is also a great way to improve your physical and mental health any time of the year. Planting a garden inside is a great way to bring the outdoors in. It gets you outside during those cold winter days, as well as releases a pleasant natural fragrance. In addition to this, their presence has been shown to increase productivity, creativity, and alertness. Flowers are also excellent for improving mood, seeing as flowers are associated with positive feelings, and bring about happiness. Moreover, they are beautiful and can act as nice decorations. There are many benefits to using plants and flowers indoor, so why not start planting for the coming winter?

Invest in Scents and Fragrances

The colder months tend to make it difficult to smell anything. If you’re enjoying winter, I’ve got some great smell suggestions for you. The fragrance industry has created some winter scents that smell amazing. For example, you can buy some “Espresso” hand soap. With the smell of coffee, this is perfect for overly cold days. Perfect for taking care of your morning ritual.

Products & Hacks to Effectively Freshen Your Home

During winter, we have a tendency to let things collect and then spring cleaning hits. But we should not let this happen because regular cleaning is more convenient. Use these tips and products for a quick, efficient, and thorough cleaning.

  • -Wipe down windows with vinegar and newspaper to clear away air-borne contaminants from cooking and pets
  • -Use baking soda to scrub your refrigerator, stove, countertops, sinks, and floors
  • -Remove rings from wood surfaces by rubbing with a little bit of vegetable oil
  • -Wipe down surfaces with a plain bleach and water solution
  • -Deep clean your thermostat with a toothbrush to prevent buildup
  • -Empty out your vacuum cleaner and wash the filters

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can get both dirty and smelly, which makes your kitchen feel and look dishevelled and dirty. As a result, the entire house will develop this lingering odor. You can make it way easier to clean your cabinets and keep your kitchen feeling fresh during winter if you do it regularly. Just vacuum the cabinet shelves and the inside of the doors, and wipe down the plastic fronts. It may seem like a small thing, but it makes such a difference to the feel of the kitchen.

Disinfect it properly with some harsh cleaner. You might also want to use insect repellant to get rid of rouches and any other creatures that might be hiding. You can use vinegar for this to make a spray of vinegar and water.

Keep Some of Your Sensitive Stuff Away

Keeping some of your important and sensitive stuff away from cold will protect them from the damaging weather. It will also make your home feel more spacious. Keeping your sensitive items in a warmer room will also give you peace of mind knowing they are safe – even when you are out.

Enjoy Your Fresh Home During Winter 

With this article, you have learnt how to freshen up your home during winter. With some home organizing and cleaning techniques, you can create more space and freshen it up. With these tips, you will be able to remove dust, footprints, stains, mold and deposits left by activities in your home. When you make the effort to clean your home, you will enjoy the results without having to spend money on products but still be able to remove odors, insect particles and stains.