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10 Best Manager’s Chair: Work Smart and Comfortably

Managerial jobs call for long hours of sitting. Because of this, you need a quality seat that can comfortably support your body and help you be more productive. If your chair leaves you feeling tortured by the end of a working day, you need to upgrade to a better quality one.

The good news is that there are a lot of manager chairs out there that you can choose from. They range in price and there’s always one you can afford. We’ve scoured the office chair market and come up with a list of ten to make your search easier. Whether you want a manager’s chair for your home office use or seek one to gift a friend, this list has something for everyone.

If you are in a rush and have no time to read through thousands of words about chairs, here’s a quick list you can pick a chair from:

Best Overall Manager’s Chair: Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair
Best Runner-up Manager’s Chair: Nouhaus Ergonomic Leather Office Chair
Best Manager’s Chair for Home Office: Halter Executive High Back Reclining Chair
Best Manager’s Seat Under $100: OFM ESS Style Bonded Chair
Best Manager’s Chair for Back Pain: Dragonn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Best Ergonomics Manager’s Seat: Moojirs Ergonomic Office Chair
Best Managers Chair for Big Body Size: Big and Tall Office Chair
Best Manager’s Leather Chair: La-Z-Boy Bellamy Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair
Best Manager’s Mesh Chair: Flash Furniture Mesh Swivel Executive Office Chair
Also Good and Cheaper: Smugdesk Mid-back Ergonomic Office Chair
A table of the best managers chairs in our list.

Best Manager’s Chair; Ergonomic Expert Input

By now you might understand that not all office chairs are equal. A good chair needs to be comfortable and adjustable to fit your needs. You should consider the height of the seat, the length of its arms, lumbar support features, the quality of its materials, among other factors.

“The essence of buying a quality chair is so you sit naturally, comfortably, and do your work without hurting. You want the chair to carry your weight and not your back to do the work” explains Joe Whitmer, our resident Ergonomic director.

Most manufactures think of ergonomics when creating seats for various audiences. That means that they first understand what your needs are to make a chair with features that make you more comfortable and productive. If you are going to spend more than eight hours each day in a seat that’s not ergonomically designed, then your productivity is affected. Eventually, your physical health is affected as well. A manager’s chair for instance should have the following attributes:

  • An Ergonomic Backrest – An adjustable backrest that can move backward and forth, up and down, as well as lock into a comfortable position. A good backrest should also be designed to curve so that it supports your back. If a backrest is badly designed, that might be a course for back issues. The seat should integrate proper seat pan properties for your body weight to comfortably and evenly distribute in it during use.
  • Adjustable height – Typically, a good manager’s chair should be 16 to 21 inches depending on your height. One with an adjustable lever makes it easy to get a height that’s perfect for you. What you want is a seat with a height that allows your feet to be parallel to the floor.
  • Armrest – With good armrest support, you reduce the stress your lower back would be carrying. The best armrests can be adjusted, are properly cushioned, broad enough for your hands, and comfortable.
  • Quality Materials – Durability is often at the top of the list for most seat buyers. You want a chair that is designed using strong material that’s comfortable as well. The pudding must be sufficient, the surfaces breathable, and the material good in all weather.
  • Stability – A good manager’s chair should support your body regardless of your weight. If you move a lot at your work
  • station, you might need it to have wheels. A five-point base is stable enough to support your weight when leaning backward in the backrest.

Best Manager’s Chairs (Our Pick)

Best Overall Manager’s Chair: Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

The Hbada ergonomic executive office chair wins the overall best tag on our list. The reason is that it would check all the boxes for most managers. It has a compact design that doesn’t take up a lot of real estate in your office, comes with a comfortable backrest plus a headrest, has adjustable components to maximize your comfort, and has a quality build that you’ll use for years.

Even after trying other expensive models, we still found this seat better considering its price. While there are models with one or two features better than what we see on Hbada ergonomic executive office chair, this seat is the well-rounded type with inclusion of the most important components.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Comfortable support with soft and elastic backrest, headrests, and armrests
  • Years of service owing to quality material and sturdy construction that’s easy to maintain
  • 135 degree reclining without fear of falling; and leg support included as well
  • Easy assembly with the use of a detailed manual
  • An elegant design that will look good in the office
Best Overall Manager's Chair: Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Best Runner-up Manager’s Chair: Nouhaus Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

Nouhaus ergonomic leather office chair is not the sleekest of chairs out there but it has made it to position two on this list. For a good reason: it’s very comfortable and with smooth hydraulics. You can choose to use the armrests or flip them up for an armless chair. It comes with a five-point base with wheels that remains stable whether you move around in it or lean back to rest. The smart cushion system looks stylish and feels comfortable when you sit in. All you need is 15 minutes with the help of a detailed manual to assemble it.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Space-saving seat that you can move closer to your desk
  • A durable sit that you can lean in and enjoy many years to come
  • Quality packaging including a manual with easy pieces to assemble
  • Comfortable lumbar support, arm support, and adjustable height to customize for your needs

Best Manager’s Chair for a Freelancer: Halter Executive High Back Reclining Chair

Turn your home office into a comfortable space with the Halter executive high back reclining chair. You can choose any of the three colors brown, beige, and black leather to fit into the aesthetics of your space. This seat comes with an ergonomic high back design that integrates padded handles to enhance your comfort. You can adjust it between 46 to 49 inches.

Stability is not a problem with this manager’s chair. Its metal chrome construction and five-point base make it very comfortable for the user to move around. The wheels are not noisy. The best part is that this seat is reasonably priced for its quality.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Unparalleled comfort to increase your productivity while working from home
  • Adjustable home office seat so you can customize to suit your personal needs
  • Ergonomic high backrest design, your back won’t hurt with long hours of work
  • Smooth and quiet gliding around your office thanks to the quality wheel system
  • Color choice to fit into your environment and give it a stylish space
Best Manager's Chair for a Freelancer: Halter Executive High Back Reclining Chair

Best Manager’s Seat Under $100: OFM ESS Style Bonded Chair

Cheap office chairs are characterized by low-quality materials, bad ergonomics, and a lack of personalization features. The case is different with OFM ESS Style Bonded Chair. Though specially designed for intense gaming sessions, you could still get this chair for your office use. At just 100 USD you get a seat you can use during long workdays and still enjoy its comfort. You can adjust it at your height, flip the arms up and down and rotate it 360 degrees to get the most out of your purchase – for years!

The fact that it comes in multiple shades makes it a great choice if you are looking for something attractive that can fit in your luxurious office. The segmented padded design makes it look beautiful and offers comfort as well.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Segmented padding style that offers you comfort during long hours of managerial work
  • 360 rotation and a smooth wheel system to make movements in your office seamless
  • Years of service thanks to quality materials and durable build
  • Multiple color combinations to choose from to suit the ambiance of your office
  • Perfect lumber support and headrest to protect your back from hurting

Best Manager’s Chair for Back Pain: Dragonn Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

If you have a hurting back, you probably understand why it’s important to get the right chair to improve your posture. That’s why we’ve included the Dragonn Ergonomic kneeling chair on our list. It’s ergonomically built to help you improve your body posture, get rid of that pain, and enjoy working long hours. This special seat integrates four casters (wheels) to help you navigate your office effortlessly.

With this seat, your bad sitting habits will stop because it acclimates your body to use different muscles while sitting. You can’t hunch over as you are used to, will have a straight back, and help you distribute your weight to keep your spine in a healthy posture. The heavy-duty construction comfortably carries up to 250 lbs. You simply adjust its height to position you properly at your desk.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Improved posture and back pain relief
  • Longer sitting hours at your desk for more productive work hours
  • Comfortable sitting that’s geared towards retraining your muscles for a healthy lifestyle
  • Many years of service owing to the heavy duty build

Read our article about lower back pain and get suggestions to make it better.

Best Ergonomics Manager’s Seat: Moojirs Ergonomic Office Chair

If money is the least of your problems then you should invest in the Moojirs ergonomic office chair. You get it at $1098 for very good reasons. Its seven adjustable functions make it sophisticated and highly customizable to meet your needs. These seven adjustable functions include a 3D dynamic backrest, 4D arms, seat depth, backrest tilt, among others. The best part is that the chair responds to your body posture for natural support and balance throughout the day.

You stay cool throughout your working hours with this seat because it does away with fabric and foam. Its 4D mesh covers allow heat and moisture flow to attain an even body temperature even in the hottest of months. To ensure you are sitting confidently and stable throughout is the aluminum alloy frame system.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Adjustable functionality that ensures you customize the seat to your needs
  • Self-adjusting lumbar support system that mimics your posture and movement
  • Sweat-free and heat-free managers chair that ensures you stay cool even in hot months
  • A strong frame that is stable and capable of lasting years
Best Ergonomics Manager's Seat: Moojirs Ergonomic Office Chair

Best Managers Chair for Big Body Size: Big and Tall Office Chair

Are you a manager endowed with height, weight, and a big body? The Big and tall office chair is specially designed for you. For the relief of stiff and painful muscles, it comes with a massage system in the backrest which is powered by a USB cable. All this comes with the package. If other chairs have been scrambling under your weight, you’ll love this one because it’s proportioned to handle up to 500 pounds. The seat is broad, the height up to 23″, and the entire unit sturdy enough to carry you.

You can move around your office thanks to the five-star casters and the 360° rotating ability. And all the while, the seat remains stable. Setting the chair is also an easy process thanks to a clear and elaborate manual.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A comfortable padded seat that bears your weight without collapsing
  • A computerized massage system that relaxes your stiff and painful lower back muscles
  • Heavy-duty construction that is destined to serve many years to come
  • Adjustable components that you can customize to the needs of your body

Best Manager’s Leather Chair: La-Z-Boy Bellamy Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair

If leather is a top qualification for you in search of an office chair, then the La-Z-Boy Bellamy bonded leather executive office chair will serve you right. This manager’s chair comes with comfortable multilayered premium cushioning. Its height is adjustable and you can tilt in it as you wish. Another plus is its contoured lumbar support and a waterfall edge that ensures you sit in the right posture without hurting. With this seat, you make your long working hours a breeze.

The wooden arms and base are not the fibble type. They are stylish and durable to give a lasting office chair. This leather executive office chair will enrich your workplace.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A combination of wood and leather that makes your office space look elegant
  • Comfortable chair that has contoured lumbar support to feel luxurious
  • Easy to use levers that allow you to adjust height, tilt, and recline to improve the posture of your body
  • Five-star base to comfortably move around your office in the seat
  • Multiple color choices that can fit into the interior design of your office

Best Manager’s Mesh Chair: Flash Furniture Mesh Swivel Executive Office Chair

If you are looking for a breathable chair, that will look good in your office space, and still serve several years to come, Flash furniture mesh swivel executive office chair is a clear favorite. It’s easy to assemble and exceptionally study after putting it together. The high back extends with an equally breathable headrest. The headrest, arms, and height are adjustable so you can personalize them according to your needs. Hot summers won’t be sweaty and unbearable anymore with this purchase.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Several color choices you can pick from to fit into your office’s interior design
  • Breathable backrest and headrest to make hot days easier to work
  • An adjustable manager’s seat to personalize according to your requirements
  • Caster systems attached to a five-star base that allows you to move smoothly around the office
  • Comfortable faux leather and multilayered padding for the sitting area and the handles
Best Manager's Mesh Chair: Flash Furniture Mesh Swivel Executive Office Chair.

Also Good and Cheaper: Smugdesk Mid-back Ergonomic Office Chair

If you insist on spending less than 100 dollars on an office chair, then the Smugdesk Mid-back Ergonomic Office Chair is a reliable option. You’ll have to bear with fixed armrests and backrest as well. It also lacks a headrest. Other than that, it has a reliable ergonomic build and pneumatic controls to adjust the height. It also integrates a rocking mode to help relax after your heavy managerial work.

Unlike what you’d expect from its peers, the casters (wheels) are very smooth and durable. You can move around the office without causing noise and no scratching the floor. Its metal frame guarantees several years of service. The breathable lumbar support makes it a great choice during summer or if you work in a hot environment. It can bear up to 270 lbs.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A durable build to use for several years before you can upgrade to a better option
  • Great lumbar support to keep your good posture even on busy days
  • A rocking mode to help you relax after long hours of work
  • Noiseless casters to move around your desk without scratching the floor
  • Height adjustment feature that’s easy to use
Also Good and Cheaper: Smugdesk Mid-back Ergonomic Office Chair

How do I Pick and Test a Manager’s Chair?

If you work in an office, you probably sit a third of your lifetime. Some managers sit longer. With this in mind, you want to spend “just enough money” on an office chair. Apart from durability, you want an ergonomic and comfortable chair that won’t hurt your back. If that means going for the most expensive in the market, so be it.

While product prices are important, you want product office seat prices to be the least of your concerns when choosing a chair. You don’t want a chair that brings long term suffering just because it’s cheap. And a manager’s chair shouldn’t be cheap anyway. Reward yourself with a quality chair using the following steps:

  1. Assemble office chairs together: Put together a list of chairs that look good for you.
  2. Is the chair the right size?: What’s your height? What do you weigh? Are you a big person? You need a chair that can accommodate your weight and serve you several years. A good chair vendor will highlight the maximum weight the chair can handle. If you are a big person, look for a wide chair like the Big and Tall Office Chair.
  3. Ergonomics matter: The ability of a chair to help improve your posture is key. Regardless of how virtuous you are, you’ll still slump at some point. That’s why it must have a back to support you. If it lacks a back, you should pick a kneeling one. Avoid a chair that tries to sculpt your back instead of supporting it. You also want your back to rest on the backrest when your feet are on the floor.
  4. Cushioning and Padding: Comfort might seem a no-brainer but choosing a chair that will feel comfortable in the first few months, as well as the rest of its existence, is not easy. You want a chair that’s well-cushioned and padded to feel comfortable during long working hours.
  5. Adjustability is Key: A good office chair should be adjustable. This helps you to personalize it according to the needs of your body. Some of the features that need to be adjusted include the height, arm length, tilt, and seat depth. If it lacks every adjustable mechanism, you are in charge of the height.
  6. Consider Office Aesthetics: You don’t want to buy a chair that clashes with the aesthetics of your office. Black, white, and brown seats often blend well in most official environments.
  7. What joys do you get?: If you can afford a chair you can rock in during your rests, or a chair fitted with a massage system, then go for it.

What are the Deal Breakers When Choosing a Manager’s Chair?

As a manager sitting for long hours can make you tired and even affect your health. To protect yourself from such, you need to make your workplace as comfortable as possible. You shouldn’t pick any random chair. Some of the dealbreakers you should avoid include:

  • Chairs Without Backrests – Unless it’s a kneeling chair designed for back problems, you want all your chairs to have a back. High backrests are the best because you get support from your lower back to your head. Say no to backless office seats.
  • Chairs with bad backrest posture – As mentioned earlier, don’t choose a seat designed to sculpt your back or any part of your body. You should sit as naturally as possible and get the support you need for a good posture.
  • Fibble materials and Construction – It can be tempting to pick the most attractive sit regardless of its capacity and quality. Doing this can be disastrous. Besides the chair potentially breaking into pieces, you might get hurt when this happens. Look for experiences and reviews from other customers to be sure the chair is durable.

If you are looking for a quality work desk, check out our selection in this review article.

Choose the Right Manager’s Chair for Your Needs

The ball is in your court. We have handpicked office chairs for you and highlighted their benefits, and how to choose what’s best. We here wish you good luck in finding the best chair for your managerial duties.

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