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How to Add Personality to a Rented Home | 7 Tips

Rented homes are a great way to expand your real estate portfolio without tying up capital. It’s a simple way to generate income and secure a potential future investment. It can be a challenge to make a rental home feel like a home, especially if it’s a smaller one. Homeowners often struggle to determine a style that a house can be a reflection of without making a series of upgrades large enough to make it feel like a pastime purchase. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways that you can add personality to your rented home and make it feel like your own. Here is how:

Add Artwork and Decorations to the Walls

For a rented home, a nice way to add personality and take advantage of the space is to add artwork and decorations to the walls. This is a great way to add character without investing too much time or money in the property. You can buy framed posters or canvases that make sense to you. Ornate frames to add a little more decor to rooms. You can also find quirky trinkets at thrift stores and antique shops which you can integrate around the house to add personality. You should not overdo art and decor because you don’t want your space to look congested.

Get Your Own Furniture and Ornaments

An apartment with white walls and beige sofas can be made more personal with a few key pieces. The key to setting your space apart is to find pieces that are genuine to you. That means mixing your favourite colour, your favourite fabrics, your favourite styles. The more eclectic you are, the less likely you are to get bored. When deciding what furniture pieces are essential to any home, it’s important to think about your needs or your interests.

What do you want to do in your home? Plant a gorgeous garden, complete a satisfying amount of work from the comfort of your couch? Or maybe you want a space to entertain friends or family with style. Make sure your individual pieces will accommodate these needs. Mixing your favourite colours, your favourite patterns and your favourite styles will help you create a space that is genuine to you and that you will be comfortable and happy in.

Bring in Your Own Rugs and Carpets

Sometimes when you rent a house there are a lot of things you can’t change. It helps when you can add a little bit of yourself to the home you live in. Bringing in your own mug table, curtains, rugs, and carpet from your previous can help you create a space that feels more like home. Rugs can also help remove any of the dirt on your floor so be sure you find the right rug for the surface you’re covering.

Install in Your Own Lighting and Lamps

One great way to add personality to a rented home is to have control over the lighting that’s there. You can do that by investing in your own lighting and lamps. Ding this will help you set up the atmosphere and create an ambiance you love. Pick a favourite lamp and a few key pieces for your room. If you have a lot of money, invest in a few different styles so you can experience a variety of looks in your space.

Bring in Your Own Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories

Whether you’re renting a house or not, you don’t have to live with boring customs. I’ve been in a few rented homes and I’ve brought in my own kitchen and bathroom accessories to add a little personality to each house. Adding your own things can make a big difference in a living space, and it makes it much more comfortable. Having the right kitchen and bathroom accessories can be a simple way to make a rented home feel like home. This is a great way to add a personal touch.

Decorate the Walls Own Paint and Wallpaper

Having to live in a rented space often comes with its fair share of decorating limitations. You may not always have the budget to add in furniture or personal items to your home but with a little creativity and your own time and labour, there are ways to decorate your home in interesting and creative ways. One way to add personality is with paint and wallpaper. This is a cost-effective way to add interest to a room and make it your own.

Final Thought on How to Add Personality to a Rented Home

Rented homes can feel like we’re walking on eggshells and we don’t want to do anything too permanent in case we need to leave in a hurry. But we do like to make the place feel like home and we don’t want to live in a bland pad. The great news? You can do that. You can add personal touches to a rented home by putting curtains up, painting the walls, and putting up photos. The key is to not go too overboard.