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Best Work Desk: 12 Productive Picks for Home and Office Use

If you combine the best work desk and a great office chair you can be sure of productivity at the workplace – whether you work in a home office or a commercial center somewhere. This pair is what makes your workstation functional and a healthy place to be every day. So when it comes to investing in a work desk, you should get the best you can afford. Considering that not all desks are made equal, looking at the features and considering your preferences will help you pick something that fits your needs.

What Defines the “Best Work Desk?”

Desks come in all manner of shapes, styles, and prices. Some come as pricey executive pieces of furniture, while others affordable work tables. Some are designed huge for large exec spaces, while others are just the right size to fit into the unused corner of your living room. You might want a wall-mounted desk or an adjustable one. You’ll see features like compact, high, low, adjustable, good looking… you name it. So, “best” depends on you. There’s “a best” for everyone.

Here are our top 12 picks for the best work desks:

Best Work Desk for Home Office: Monarch Specialties Dark Taupe
Best Folding Work Desk: YJHome Folding Table Small Desk
Best Standing Work Desk: Defy Standing Desk/ Stand Up Desk
Best Table Work Desk: ODK Computer Writing Desk
Best Glass Work Desk: Ameriwood Home Odin Glass
Best L-Shaped Gliding Work Desk: Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core
Best Writing Work Desk: IOTXY Solid Wood Writing Desk
Best Multipurpose Work Desk: FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Home Office Desk
Best Corner Work Desk: VECELO Corner Computer Writing Table
Best Bamboo Desk: FEZIBO Height Adjustable Bamboo Top Desk
Best Adjustable Work Desk: Fezibo Standing and Height Adjustable Desk
Best Wall-mounting Work Desk: Haotian FWT07 Wooden Floating Desk
The best work desks you can get out there

Best Work Desk for Home Office: Monarch Specialties Dark Taupe

The monarch specialties dark taupe is a great working desk for various reasons. It comes with a unique combination of what functional and compact should look like. And the driftwood finish together with the silver metal frame gives the desk a beautiful appeal that can outperform in most office spaces. This innovative work desk has all the traits you need to get the job done. You have three spacious drawers for storage. You can keep your files, notebooks, small devices, and any other personal work material – which is enough for most office people.

The surface is spacious enough for your computer, lamp, additional work supplies, and other business essentials. The frame is sturdy enough to hold any office wait you might throw at it. It’s worth mentioning that the desk is quite easy to assemble – has assembly instructions that are easy to follow. Once it’s up and working, it has enough legroom for your feet to stretch and enjoy whatever you are doing.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A contemporary sleek looking office desk great for most of your spaces
  • Easy to follow instructions that enable you to assemble it by yourself
  • Enough room with the drawers for storage of your supplies and other business items
  • A sturdy office desk that will serve several years to come
  • Enough legroom to freely stretch and work

Best Folding Work Desk: YJHome Folding Table Small Desk

The YJHome folding table is a buy and use product – no assembly required from you. Buying this desk will save you the time, effort, and money you’d invest in installing another work desk. Apart from its seamless surface top, this desk comes with a beautiful layer of metal rods underneath the main table surface as a temporary storage space. You can use it to decongest the tabletop. These frames also enhance the stability of this office desk.

If you are concerned that you are too tall or too short for most standard office desks, this one comes practically adjustable to your height. You can set it up to three centimeters high. Its high-density board and steel construction makes the work desk very strong, bearing a load of up to 300 kilograms at once. That’s more than 16 standard computers. We can’t finish this review without mentioning its space-saving design. Apart from being the perfect choice for your corner office, it’s foldable into a small unit that makes storage very convenient especially if you have a small workspace.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Save a tone of time on installation because it comes ready to use
  • Adjustable height so you can configure it to your own liking
  • A space-saving desk that will allow room for other stuff
  • A strong desk that can bear all you plan to give it up to 300kgs
  • A foldable office desk that you can move to the next room effortlessly

Best Standing Work Desk: Defy Standing Desk/ Stand Up Desk

It’s proven that long hours of sitting can contribute to health conditions like diabetes, back problems, and obesity. That’s why you might be looking for a desk that will promote your efforts to stay healthy at the office. That’s why we recommend investing in the ergonomic Defy standing work desk. This work desk can be adjusted to a convenient position according to your body needs. This is made possible with the 200 height positions, capable of raising your work desk up to 16.9″ high, a great solution if you are 5′ to 6’3.

The Defy standing desk comes fully assembled and ready to use. All you need to do is to remove it from the package, set it up on your desk, adjust it to the desired height and start using it. Its base is made of durable steel and therefore very sturdy. That makes the work desk carry up to 30 lb and has enough surface area for a 21-inch monitor. It’s tried and tested thousands of times and so won’t disappoint during use.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • An opportunity to stay healthy and work long hours
  • A desk you can easily adjust even with loads of stuff on it
  • An ergonomic height range for your height
  • Enough space on the table top for your work devices and other essentials
  • A strong office desk that can handle up to 30 lbs

Best Table Work Desk: ODK Computer Writing Desk

If you are out here looking for a solid desk with conventional storage compartments and durable structure, consider the ODK computer writing desk. It’s not just sturdy and compact, it’s the cheapest we have on our list. According to our experience, the name might mislead you into thinking it does not amount to much but it’s perhaps one of the most multifunctional desks you will find out there. It’s hooked with a storage compartment on the side for headphones, bags, plus other gadgets.

Ever bought a piece of furniture that gave you a hard time assembling? The manufactures of this desk thought of you and made a desk with components you can easily assemble within a few minutes if you follow the manual well. It comes with a detailed manual and the needed tools. The vendors also provide excellent customer care so you get help whenever you run into a problem.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A simple desk, that’s compact, and comfortable to use
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • An affordable yet quality desk that can withstand years of service
  • A sleek surface you’ll enjoy working on

Best Glass Work Desk: Ameriwood Home Odin Glass

We had to consider glass lovers with this office desk review. The Ameriwood Home Odin Glass is our glass desk top pick. It’s built of sturdy glass with a metal frame that is durable as it gets. As an L-shaped desk, this product can fit into one of the corners at your office to help you arrange and maximize your office space. Take note that you might have a challenge installing this table alone. So get another pair of hands to help you do the assembly.

The theme behind this desk is simplicity and functionality. So it won’t look bulky and congested in your space. No storage compartments and drawers with this desk. But it has enough room on the top for three 24″ inch monitors. A great place for gamers and anyone that uses multiple computer monitors. If you use a single computer, you can place other gadgets and appliances on the remaining part of the desk. We guarantee you value for money with this desk.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A beautiful glass desk; just what you are looking for
  • A durable .56″ thick glass and metal frame
  • A spacious work surface for multiple screens
  • A simply designed L-shape work office desk that maximizes your space

Best L-Shaped Gliding Work Desk: Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core

The Monarch specialties hollow core work desk takes the L-shape design a step further. It does this by integrating an adjustable section of the desk. This part uses metal glides that ensure the adjustable part of the desk functions smoothly and fits well wherever you place it. When you purchase this product, you will need to assemble the components. Don’t worry because this process is facilitated by a detailed manual and well-labeled sections. For most people, it takes two hours at most to get it functioning. Its design allows you to install either on the right or left of your office.

Everyone at Hudson Products agrees it’s sleek and beautiful. And its white color finish is a great addition for most office decor. You got a wide chunk of space to work on.

Apart from a wide surface area, it comes with plenty of storage space. You have several cabinets and shelves at your disposal. The shelves are adjustable FYI. The overall quality of the desk is exceptional. We have customer reviews from 2015 who have moved places multiple times and are still very happy with their purchase. Of cause, there are reported scratches on the surfaces and broken handles but most of it is because of carelessness from the handlers. We are confident you’ll get value for money with this product.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Enough space to work on plus storage compartments
  • A beautiful white desk with sleek surfaces that can improve the aesthetics of your office
  • A durable office desk that will serve several years to come
  • An easy assembly process with labeled components and a detailed manual
  • An L-model desk that’s “reversible” both on the right and left good for all corners of the office

Best Writing Work Desk: IOTXY Solid Wood Writing Desk

Into writing? You need a good desk to hold your laptop and stationery. The Iotxy solid wood writing desk presents a simple yet comfortable surface to do your writing work. You can get it in walnut or wood colors. And it comes in three measurements – 80cm, 100cm, and 120cm. So, you have several options to choose from. Once you have your purchase, this desk is effortless to put together because the whole process entails two (easy to follow) steps. It comes with instructions and one installation tool.

This Iotxy writing desk might look feeble but it’s durable as it gets. It’s capable of carrying a large monitor. It comes with two cute storage drawers that you won’t notice at the first glance. The edges are round and the surfaces finished all around, to add to the aesthetics and also avoid accidents. Buy yourself this minimalist desk to make your small office a place to excell.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Several color and size options to pick from
  • Enough minimalist storage for keeping your stationery and laptop
  • An easy to assemble desk (follows only two steps to complete)
  • Durable work desk that can last several years
  • A cute little desk that can improve the aesthetics of your office

Best Multipurpose Work Desk: FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Home Office Desk

Another great minimalistic best work desk is the Furinno Econ. It’s built simple and stylish, a valuable addition to any room in your home or office. We’ve picked it as the best in our multipurpose category because it is fully packed with features that will inevitably change your office space. You have the multi-layered surfaces where you can put your computer, place a lamp, decor, and still be left with plenty of space to work. You get a keyboard drawer that you can smoothly pull out when you want to use and slide it back to hide when not in use.

Storage is not a problem with this desk. It comes with a large cabinet plus a 3-tier shelf for your bigger books. The non-woven bins are a great addition to organize and store your office supplies. Safety is also a consideration with this work desk. It has round edges to keep the users safe. You can install it anywhere in your home or office to improve your working space aesthetically.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A large working tower with enough surfaces to work and decorate your office
  • A beautiful work desk with easy to use keyboard drawer
  • Enough storage space including non-woven bins for more storage
  • Easy to assemble for the few parts that require it (comes with the instructions)

Best Corner Work Desk: VECELO Corner Computer Writing Table

Looking for a table that will perfectly fit into the corner of your office? Vecelo corner computer writing table is designed just for your need. It’s a compact work desk but very functional. It comes with two open shelves and a keyboard tray that’s easy to pull, work on, and push it right back. The open shelves on both sides are spacious enough to hold your books and other work appliances. What makes this desk outstanding is its durability thanks to the high-grade MDF material that makes it from top to bottom. It’s strong and spacious enough to hold two monitors.

The simplistic nature of this desk makes it a suit for any room in your home including the bedroom, office, studio, and more. Underneath the keyboard tray is enough space you can freely move your legs and stretch. Assembling it is easy peasy. You not only save space with the Vecelo corner computer writing table but also get value for money with this little beauty.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A corner table that is functional in any room including your living room or office
  • An easy to assemble product with clean instructions to follow
  • Enough work space and a designated keyboard drawer
  • Strong storage shelves for books and work appliances
  • Save space in your home or office by setting this table in one of the corners

Best Bamboo Desk: FEZIBO Height Adjustable Bamboo Top Desk

The Fezibo height-adjustable bamboo top desk is not your regular bamboo table. It comes with the looks, is durable, and very functional. The height mechanism is controlled electrically using three preset buttons that you can press to attain the desired height. The top provides a spacious top workspace that comfortably hosts two computer monitors. The next shelve is broad enough for your keyboard, laptop, and other additional appliances you need. The two drawers are for storage. They are neatly designed to get rid of clutter on your desk and create a neat workspace.

When it comes to stability and durability, this desk does not let down. Its frame is steel and provided with enough base support so it does not topple regardless of where you place it. Once everything is set up, you’ll have desk hooks, a cable management tray, anti-collision tech, plus lockable casters. Even with all these, It can support close to 180 lb. The few components make the assembly work a piece of cake. At Hudson Products, this desk would fall in the category of innovative work desk because it integrates more than an ordinary work table.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • An electronically enabled work desk that you operate with buttons
  • A spacious workspace on top, big enough to host meetings in your office
  • A compact desk that is easy to set up anywhere in your office
  • Good storage parts including drawers, cable management tray, and desk hooks
  • A bamboo surface that’s very durable than regular wood

Best Adjustable Work Desk: Fezibo Standing and Height Adjustable Desk

Looking for an ergonomic work desk? One you can adjust for standing work and lower when you need to sit? The Fezibo standing and height-adjustable desk is an answered prayer for people like you. You can now combine work and health thanks to this desk’s quick and smooth transition height adjusters that can stretch as low as 5.3″ to 20.5″. Even as it adjusts to various heights, collapsing won’t be one of your concerns. Its components are study and able to hold up to 33 lbs at the maximum height.

This adjustable desk comes with enough space to hold two monitors and a lower shelf for your keyboard and other office appliances. The surfaces are of reliable quality and won’t scratch easily. Don’t worry, you don’t need to take a class to operate this desk. It has small handles that require a light squeeze to position it wherever you want. And installing and demolishing it is very easy and quick as well. This work desk is not just convenient to use and easy to use, this innovative creation is also affordable.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • A satisfactory office desk that is easy to set up and adjust
  • Enough work space for your computer and writing needs
  • A sturdy desk that includes all the features you’d want from a work surface
  • Easy to fold structure that is reliable for the future
  • You’ll keep healthy as you can stand and sit if you need to

Best Wall-mounting Work Desk: Haotian FWT07 Wooden Floating Desk

The Haotian FWT07 Wooden Floating Desk is an ideal choice if you want a work surface you can attach to your wall. The great design has drawers and shelves that provides enough storage space for work appliances as well as decor. Once it’s mounted on the wall, it can handle as much as 20 kgs of weight. It has enough surface area to hold a laptop as well as books and work essentials. It requires self-assembly and comes with the instructions you need to install it in your space. That can be in your bedroom, study, living room, or office.

This wall desk sells convenience and space-saving abilities for you. You secure it at a convenient height using fasteners (that comes with the package). No need to worry because the installation process is straightforward. The material used is high-grade MDF and chipboard which are very durable and long-lasting in the right environment. Make a purchase today and enjoy this piece of furniture in your space.

What You’ll Enjoy

  • You get a convenient desk that’s easy to install and use
  • Enough space to store your small work items
  • Space-saving design that you can place anywhere in your office or home
  • Detailed installation instructions plus the securing components
  • Modern design that plays a role in improving the aesthetic quality of your space

How to Choose the Best Work Desk

Work desks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and categories. So if you want to get one that suits your needs, everything goes down to your preferences. What does the best work desk look like to you? Large tabletop? Double shelves? Sleek design? Side cabinets? With or without storage compartments? Do you want it pricey or cheap? Want one that comes with bells and whistles? Or just a simple one? You decide what is a good desk for you.

Quality is a top priority for almost everyone looking to invest in a work desk. It’s one of the constant considerations for everyone. The reason why most people add to their budget. Therefore, a good desk needs to be durable. That way you are sure you are buying a desk that will last you several years before you can get another one. Another thing most people want is a desk that’s easy to put together. No one wants a puzzle that will take days to assemble. So, whatever you choose, ensure it has an easy-to-follow assembly process plus every component properly labeled.

If you are not a DIYer, make sure you countercheck that you are properly facilitated to put together a functional desk hassle-free. Otherwise, you might need to pay someone to install the desk for you.

Understand the Difference Between Regular Desks and Ergonomic Work Desks

As opposed to what you get from regular desks, ergonomic work desks adapt to the environment they are used in. That means your posture and productivity is improved rather than affected. A regular desk on the other hand will force you to adapt to a particular posture to carry on with your duties, which might be unnatural and turn out to be unhealthy.

An ergonomic work desk will have adjustable features and comes with several accessories to facilitate your work. You can adjust the height and use storage and other functionality features to increase productivity. You won’t get the same with a normal desk, which has limited movement and functionalities.

In a shared workspace, you will inevitably have different body sizes and varied ways of approaching work. An ergonomic desk ensures everyone is equally comfortable regardless of who they are.

Workplaces vary because we do different jobs. A desk designed for a writer might not be a good choice for industrial tasks. At one job, one might be using force and repetitive movements to get their assignment done. Another one might be using a computer while the other needs a surface to lay their work materials and tools as they build stuff. A gamer might require a desk that can hold multiple computer monitors while a student requires a place to put their laptop and drawers to keep their school valuables. You might be working while standing yet the other individual sits the whole day.

An ergonomic desk might contain all the features all the people we discuss above require. But each person will take the desk and configure it according to their needs. A regular desk isn’t the way to go in this case.

Are You Using the Work Desk at Home or Office?

It doesn’t matter where you are going to use your desk. As long as you have a place with enough space and you can work without interruptions, then that’s just right for the desk you’ll get. All you need to know is your work requirements, your body needs, and the space you have for the desk. With a list of your requirements, you can check against and find a work desk that will do great for your situation.

It’s important to reiterate that choosing a desk that is ergonomically designed is the best choice because it bolsters a healthy work environment and increases productivity.

Beauty is also an important concept that is often overlooked. Regardless of where you’ll use your desk, you want to make sure it looks great in your environment. Consider stuff like shelving for vases, color, engravings, and more. Needless to say, good aesthetics improve your mood and inspires confidence for those that visit you.

Ask Yourself These Questions to Buy the Best Work Desk

These ten questions will help you get a quality desk that’s just right for your needs.

  • How much am I willing to spend on a desk?
  • What desk material do I need for my job?
  • What’s the weight of whatever I want to place on the desk?
  • Where do I want to place the desk?
  • Do I need storage on my desk?
  • Do I need additional accessories on a desk?
  • Is the desk I’m getting adjustable?
  • What desk color is good for me?
  • What ergonomics are must-haves for my desk?
  • Do I want to do the installation by myself?

Enjoy your new purchase!