A woman cleaning her bedroom

How to Clean Up Rooms in Your Home – the Proper Way

One small, but very significant way to be tidy, is to clean up the place you stay, your home. If everything was simple and straightforward: The first step to cleaning rooms in your home would be taking everything out. After you have emptied the room, do some sweeping and mopping. Then take a moment to see and sort out what you have. Decide what things that you need to keep and discard. Lastly, put things back in your room and enjoy your newfound space. But that’s the ideal situation. The truth is that no cleaning situation is like the other but there are common components of cleaning everyone can learn and apply in their situation.

Cleaning up your rooms may make you feel like you’re superhuman, but try to take things one at a time. You can’t do everything at once, and if you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break and do something else, like drink some water. You may find it helpful to make an imaginary list that may sound like this:

  • -Computer room: Clear off computer desk, sweep, organize cables
  • -Kitchen: Empty dishwasher, wash dishes, put away dishes, sweep, mop the floor
  • -Living room: Vacuum, dust, wash windows, replace window treatments
  • -Bedroom: Make bed, change sheets, vacuum, organize the wordrobes and cabinets
  • -Bathroom: Clean toilet, scrub, change utilities

Here’s a list of things you should do during a proper cleaning process:

Make a List of What You Could Sell or Give away

This is a simple strategy that will help you clear out a lot of clutter in a short period. Have a little bit of a rummage around the room and see if there’s anything you could sell or give away. Sell them online using eBay or post them on Gumtree. If you have an extra room in your place, use it as temporary storage for these items before they get a buyer. Most people use their garage.

Clear the Visible Dirt First Kid, Guest and Other Rooms

If you have guests staying over, they likely have left clutter in their rooms. Same goes for children rooms, which could be even messier. Clean up the mess that was left by your child or guest and stash them in the dust bin. Next, vacuum or sweep the room to get all the dust and granules out of the carpet or floor surface. Then, take a rag and wipe down all surfaces to remove any dirt or dust that could be trapped on surfaces.

Make Use of Your Vacuum Cleaner

So first, start by tidying the floor. Then the chairs, tables, and other surfaces in the home. Then move on to the windows. After that’s done, it’s time for the bed. This includes the sheets, pillows, and blankets. Next, it’s time to vacuum everything. Vacuum all of the corners of the room. If you have no vacuum cleaner yet, read our top vacuum cleaner recommendations here.

Vacuum between the beds for some time, then pull out the carpet shampooer. This will help get your carpet cleaner. Next, take the vacuum cleaner outside and vacuum the stairs. You know what’s even better after you’ve given your carpets a good vacuuming? Dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and putting on some soothing music. You may even want to have your favorite snack or drink while you organize your cabinets and drawers.

Organize Your Closets, Cabinets, Drawers, and Shelves

This is how it works. You open your closet door wider to see what clothes might be hiding in the back. You grab them and put them on the clothesline to wash. If you’re out of clotheslines, use old cloth. Next, go over to the dresser and empty the drawers. You can put all your underwear on the bed or on the clothesline to wash. Put all the clothes you want to wash

All you need is a vacuum cleaner, some dusting spray, a chamois rag, and some toothpicks to get rid of the dirt trapped in the corners and hidden points of your closets. First, dust the furniture with the chamois rag. Leave the furniture waxed with the dusting spray for about five minutes, then wipe it off with the rag. Vacuum any crumbs on the floor, then use the toothpick to pick up any leftover crumbs.

Tidy Your Kitchen

The kitchen often receives a lot of cleaning (almost daily) but never really gets sparkly as other rooms because it’s a busy place. The best thing you can do is have your kitchen organized. Make sure everything has its place and anything that shouldn’t be in there is taken elsewhere. Hopefully, most of the surfaces in your kitchen are waterproof and so you won’t be damaging anything by using water to clean. Clean the floors according to the floor cleaning steps below.

Cleaning Blinds, Shutters and Curtains

If your window treatments function with the help of electricity, make sure you switch off the power before cleaning them. Then again, each window dressing will be treated differently depending on the material in use. For instance, handling fabric may need washing in water, wooden blinds may need dusting and repainting, aluminium shutters may work with any cleaning method. So determine which material is in use then treat it accordingly. Overall, don’t use harsh chemicals that may tamper with the colour of your window dressing.

Cleaning and Maintaining Different Types of Floor Surfaces

Floors come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials. Therefore, the cleaning process in one person’s home may not be the same as another one’s place. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a quick process to help us clean different floor types. Here’s how to handle your floor:

Concrete Floors

  • Use a commercial sealer over concrete to prevent debris and moisture from penetrating through the pores
  • Do some dusting over concrete before you use a chemical cleaner over it
  • Scrub any stubborn stains and wax your concrete surface to give it a luster

Vinly Floors

  • Water and vinly don’t interact well; so get rid of any liquid spills as soon as they occur. Even when you clean using water, make sure you wipe the surface clean and dry. Make sure you use a non-abrasive towel to avoid causing scratches.
  • If your vinly floors require deep cleaning, use a mild and neutral cleaner that is marked as vinly safe.

Terrazzo Floors

  • As a matter of maintenance, you should always seal your terrazzo with a sealant. This does more than add a glow to your floors; it makes sure the marble adheres to the concrete base
  • Terrazo offers an easy surface to clean using water and mild soaps and other cleaning chemicals and a mop. Just make sure you dry your floor surface after using water over it

Linoleum Floors

  • Usually, Linoleum floors only require vacuuming or dusting and a quick wet mopping followed by drying.
  • Floor waxing that’s Linoleum-friendly is key to removing scuff marks and scratches. After liberally applying the wax, polish it off with a damp cloth so it glows properly.

Ceramic Tile Floors

  • Wet mopping tiles is a common practice that helps keep them glowing. You should use a mop and a mild cleaner to do this.
  • With ceramic tile floors, you don’t have to wait to do the cleaning once in a while. Make the grout cleaning as regular as possible.

Marble Floors

  • For the best results, ensure you apply a sealer over your marble floors to cover any pores that could seep in moisture.
  • Use hot water with a neutral pH cleaning chemical to avoid discoloring your marble and destroying the sealer.
  • A soft mop will suffice to get rid of dirt off the floor
  • Dust and damp-mop the floor surface as regularly as you can

Wood Floors

  • Water is an enemy to wooden floors. Using it to clean your floor makes it look dull and stained.
  • You can only mop your wooden floor if it’s treated with polyurethane
  • Otherwise, don’t dare use water on your floor. Spot clean every moment there is a spill on your floor
  • Also always remember to use floor cleaners that are specially designed for cleaning floors. That way, you are sure of glow results

Final Thought on How to Clean Up Rooms in Your Home

Thorough cleaning in your home is something you should do regularly as you get time. Make a list of what you need to be done then use it for systematic cleaning of our spaces. Get the right cleaning agent to avoid dulling your surfaces. Remove some stuff, replace others, and arrange and rearrange, wipe down and mop where it’s required.