Three Legged Leather Stool: Reviewing Portable US Art Supply Seat

This is a triangular handmade stool that every artist working outdoors would like to own. If you are bored working indoors, now you have a portable stool. You can travel with it to any destination. 

The three-legged stool keeps you at ease anytime you are working. You can comfortably place it on grass, soil, or any other flat and stable surface. 

Construction and ease of use

It is triangular, made of 3 wood stands and a leather seat. It measures 19 ½ inches tall and has a dimension of 4 .1 by 4 by 24.5 inches. It can be carried around easily as it weighs1.85 pounds. 

Bench wood is the material used on the stands. The leather seat measures 13-3/4 inches. It has enough surface for all your activities. The stool can support up to 198 lbs.

Buying Tips

The three-legged Leather Stool is affordable. You will just pay for another shipping cost. 

The cost may differ due to different factors such as time and demand. Also, if you get it locally or other online sites the cost will be different. Check for this product at Amazon if you want to experience these amazing features and reviews. 

Avoid buying the stool just because you have found a cheap vendor. Invest in buying the stool from the original sellers. This will keep you from losing your money. 

Note that there is another three-legged leather stool made from other fabrics similar to leather. If you are not sure of the stool, ask for professional help.


You can never be wrong with this seat as it has a leather seat indicating durability. Pure Leather is an indication that the three-legged leather seat will serve you till eternity.

Leather is the most popular stain-resistant fabric. You do not have to worry about other dirt sticking to the seat. Just make sure you wipe off immediately.

The three-legged wooden stand is made from hardwood. It is difficult to break or crack. Repaint or apply the necessary wood protectors to maintain an attractive look and durability.

Quality Investment 

Buying this stool leads you a step higher in your business. You will be able to lend it at a cost. You do not have to buy another stool as it does not wear out.

Due to its luxurious nature, most people would love to take photographs sitting on it. This is an opportunity to bring in extra income. Every moment you are on your routine outdoor activities, rent the stool out as you take a rest.

Luxurious Look

The exquisite look on this artist’s stool makes it more luxurious. You do not need to coach or throw pillows around. The leather seat is enough to comfort.

You do not have to stand up now and then to stretch. The leather seat holds your weight for the longest hours. Since the padded seat rests in the air, you can sit for long without experiencing back pains.

Cleaning and Maintenances

This amazing stool is easy to clean and maintain as it is made from oiled beechwood which is stain resistant. Make sure you clean this stool regularly. Use a wet cloth to help remove any dust that has accumulated. 

Be gentle while cleaning to avoid altering the natural color. You can start dusting the leather seat followed by the wooden parts. Make sure you store the stool in a safe place away from the hot sun and water. 

Water and scorching sun can alter the quality and appearance of the leather and wood. Keep the seat away from direct sunlight. This is because the leather seat can start cracking and fading with time.

Do not use soap or any cleanser on the leather seat. The chemicals used in soap detergents shorten the life of the leather. Maintain using plain water and a clean cloth. You can also use your preferred leather cleaner and spray and spread it gently on the leather seat.

If you must work under the sun apply a leather conditioner. It is wise to apply it a day before. This is because it takes 5-6 hours to absorb. The conditioner keeps leather moist enough to break or crack when exposed to sun rays.

Manufactures Commitment on the Product

The manufacturer has given a 100% guarantee refund of money if the customer is not satisfied with the product as explained above. A confidential delivery is guaranteed by the manufacturer such that nobody will know what is contained in your parcel. 

The manufacturer guarantees secure shipping offering the product on amazon. More information on the committee can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Value for Money

The manufacturer is confident enough with this three-legged leather stool. You will also realize it after you begin using it. You do not have to keep repairing it as it does not wear out easily.

The three-legged stool can also be used at home as furniture. Make sure you do not overweight it with heavy objects. Always check the bolts fixing the three wooden legs and fasten them if need be.

Customer Reviews

The three-legged leather stool has a 5-star customer review. Every artist states that it is a real-time comfort. They feel at ease and relaxed while doing the artwork.

The three-legged leather stool gives an artist the real identity. Anyone passing by can recognize an artist who uses this stool. The stool is foldable hence reducing its size. This makes the three-legged stool easy to store and handle.

Conclusion on three legged leather Stool

If you are an artist and you do not have this amazing three-legged stool, invest in one. You will have numerous advantages since you can now work outdoors. You will not struggle to carry it around since it is light and easy to carry around.