Small office setting with affordable furniture

A Complete Set of Office Furniture for Less Than $500

Are you looking for a complete set of office furniture with a budget of not more than 500$? We have recently got requests from people like you and have compiled this guide. We have the best guide with furniture recommendations that are not just a placeholder but valuable for today’s and future use. They are modern, class, durable, and give you real value for your money.

In case you believe in buying expensive office furniture, then this could be an opportunity to change your mind. The following set of office furniture costs less than 500$.

Sophia & William Ergonomic Rocking Mesh Home Office Desk chair 

Are you there and need an affordable office chair? This Sophia & William office chair is a great bargain. It is a 360° modern chair that provides comfort whenever you get overwhelmed with work. It comes with an adjustable armrest to place your arms to maximize your comfort during, before, and after work.

Despite being affordable, the office chair is durable and gives you value for money in the long run. The ergonomic mesh backrest is suitable for a human back shape. With this, you’ll have to say no to back pains caused by long sitting hours since your posture is well catered for.

The padding on the seats allows comfort-ability and gives support to your hips reducing any pressure that comes around. You can adjust the chair to 90 degrees to allow enough blood circulation in the legs. This prevents swelling of your legs due to long hours of sitting. 

You can also invest in these chairs for your employees. This is because the comfort brought by this chair can bring about motivation and productivity. Also, your employees will not have to make frequent sick leave due to back pain, neck pain, or any other pain caused by chairs that are not ergonomically made.

You can get your office chair online. It measures 18.9 by 19.7 by 38.8 inches hence making it easy to carry along after buying. Easily assemble the desk by following the manufacturer’s manual instructions. The process takes around 30-40 minutes.

Computer Desk 55″ Home Office Writing Desk 

Every office must have a desk. This desk is affordable, presentable, modern, and comfortable. Additionally, it is large enough to hold all office staff that needs to be on or within the desk. It comes in rectangular form with brown and black color to make it classy.

Also, the desk has 4 tier shelves for more storage. You can store files, books, computers and other stationery to make the desktop look neat. The thick tabletop and strong metal stand to enhance durability.

You’ll realize the value for your money by the amazing features the table comes with. Also, there are four stands on each side of the desk. They enhance stability and make the table strong enough to support more than 200 pounds.

This desk is safe to use on your floor. It comes with a padded foot to maintain a floor with no scratches. This desk has enough working space for your legs that you can stretch and feel at ease. The desk measures 31 by 26 by 5.5 inches which is large enough for any office.

2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

This cabinet is very affordable, safe, and durable. It is a must-have office furniture due to its private nature. It comes with a lock and key. You can keep your private files, books, or certificates that you do not want to expose.

It is effortless to move this cabinet from one place to another. This is because it comes with four wheels for easy movement. It comes in a grey color, steel cabinet material, and a baked enamel finish for a classy look.

The steel material enhances durability and makes it effortless to clean. This cabinet has two drawers with 8 inches which is large enough for your documents. Also, the drawer is fitted with chrome handles on each drawer for easy and fast opening.

The cabinet measures 18 by 14.3by 24.5 inches and weighs 20 pounds. The size and the weight make it suitable for small spaces. Also, it can be easily moved from one place to another. Do not worry about the value of your money since it has a 5-star rating. With over nine thousand positive customer reviews you cannot hesitate to buy it.

Adjustable Display Office Shelf

This kind of shelf is within your planned budget. It helps to make your office look modern, classy, and complete. The shelf measures 6 by15.8 by 6.8 inches making it perfect enough for any kind and size of an office.

You can easily assemble and reassemble any time by following the instructions given in the manual. It does not have a specific way to assemble it, so; you can design it according to your space. The flat base helps maintain stability when placed on top of a desk or a table. 

Also, the base is safe to use on your desk or table since it leaves no scratches. Use the shelf for files, books, and flower vases, and clock storage. It is made of wood rectangular shape and white color. 

Also, it is durable and easy to clean. The most suitable place for this shelf is on that desk sitting idle in your office. The shelf helps to keep your office neat and presentable. 

The shelf weighs 2.6 pounds hence does not cause a lot of pressure on your desk. In case you do not have enough space you can mount this shelf on the wall.

Final Thought on a Complete set of Office Furniture not less than 500

You have no reason to operate with an incomplete furniture set even at a low budget of $500. You can own all the items we mention above without breaking the bank. All you need is to carefully check your budget and without going for the high-end and fancy furniture. Consider the important factors on furniture such as durability, cost, size, value for your money, and warranty. If you are not sure about the furniture, always check on customer reviews and ratings.