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What’s the Difference Between an Armoire and Wardrobe?

It’s confusing to differentiate between an armoire and a wardrobe. That’s because they share the same components and characteristics. Sometimes their difference is a matter of opinion instead of specific parts if you ask some people. Others will tell you an armoire is a type of wardrobe. So, what’s the difference between an armoire and wardrobe?

An armoire is a type of wardrobe. But it’s in most cases bigger and more embellished than regular wardrobes. Because of their size, armoires also have both shelves and hanging rails within. On the other hand, regular wardrobes are less ornate, relatively smaller and designed for hanging clothes – but there are always exceptions.

Styling Differences Between Armoires and Wardrobes

“Armoire” is a name for cupboard in French. Typically, it’s a tall cabinet with double doors that open from the middle out. At the bottom or top, there might be shelving or cabinets for extra storage. These pieces of furniture are bulkier and bigger in size.

This piece of furniture come with embellishments that make them more than just functional pieces of furniture. They are meant to fit into the interior design of the place they are used.

On the other hand, wardrobes are often double-doored but without shelving. When it comes to beauty, there are often no carving and crafting intricacies – often plain. Because of the simplicity of wardrobes and their smaller size, you’ll find them cheaper than armoires.

Both wardrobes and armoires are constructed from wood like mahogany and oak. Sometimes you’ll encounter wardrobes and armoires made of plastic and wood veneer. These materials make them more affordable but they might not offer durability and attractiveness as wooden ones.

Uses of Wardrobes Vs. Armoires

Wardrobes are designed with hanging and storing clothes in mind. So, they’ll have hanging rails and perhaps a small shelf for accessories and toiletries. You’ll find them in rooms that lack closets or where the closets present are insufficient.

A common addition you might get on wardrobes is a mirror inside the doors. Most people use such wardrobes as prepping stations. With the design and partitioning of wardrobes, it’s hard to use it for anything else other than storing clothes and accessories.

A little background of armoires in France indicates that they were initially used as armor storage. This explains why they are bulkier and generally bigger.

As time goes by, we see people use them for clothing storage and even for electronics. Therefore they are flexible when it comes to intended use.

Some types of armoires integrate a huge central shelf commonly used in most homes for computers and television. They are called entertainment armoires. Modern armoires are designed to do exactly this. Some people repurpose the antique armoires so they can serve as entertainment armoires.

Entertainment armoires are efficient for their purpose because you can simply open their doors and access your tv or computer. When you are done, close the doors and remain with a neat and formal setting. This is the opposite of what you’d get from a typical entertainment center.

What is the Difference Between Armoires and Wardrobes? Now You Know

Armoires are a type of wardrobes but with more storage capacity and designed to do more than just keep clothes. Wardrobes are much smaller and typically used to hang clothes and accessories. Armoires can work great in any space you decide to keep them since they don’t just add function to your spaces but also add value to the interior design where they are used.

Examples of Armoires and Wardrobes

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A list of armoires and wardrobes