A woman sited in a recliner

What is the Difference Between a Wall Hugger and a Regular Recliner

There are many reasons people decide to buy a recliner. If you enjoy spending time on your own and want to spend as little as possible on furniture, then recliners are perfect. If you live in a small space and want to store as much as possible, then recliners are perfect. Another big reason people choose to invest in a recliner is for comfort, and today there are so many recliners to choose from with different options and styles.

Wall Hugger Vs. Regular Recliner Overview

It is a difficult decision to make, but is a wall hugger recliner better than a regular recliner? There are a lot of considerations to finding the best recliner for you or your loved ones. Wall hugger recliners are designed to have both of your feet firmly planted on the floor. They are great for people who have mobility limitations or just want to be more anchored into their recliner. Wall huggers are great for families because it prevents toddlers from accidentally falling over the arm of the recliner. Also, it doesn’t pull away from the wall when reclining.

For the wall hugger recliner, the mechanism to push in and lean back is usually in the floor. So, while you can’t lean back while seated on the floor, you can while the recliner is reclined. This works especially well for people who can’t get to the

Why Choose a Wall Hugger?

A wall hugger recliner is also known as a space-saving recliner. That’s because it can fit in smaller spaces, either in a small living room, bedroom, or other tightly-spaced indoor space. There are many benefits to buying a wall hugger recliner. For example, it will look good in your room because it’s not the traditional large recliner that takes up too much space. Wall hugger recliners are also great for saving space, for anyone with a small apartment. They are also great for anyone who wants to be lazy and stay in the same spot all the time.

Other Recliner Options You Have

When we say regular recliners in our context means recliners that are not wall huggers. Here are some of the other recliner options you have:

Rocker Recliners

Rocker recliners are a different kind of recliner from what you might be used to. Of course, the chairs have a rocker base, but they have an extra reclining option as well. In addition to the standard position recliner, there’s a rocker position as well as a push-back option. They also come with a full chaise back. There are a few different styles of rocker recliners – some have a removable arm, some have a built-in arm, and some have a pull-out head-rest. Rocker recliners are a great way to improve your comfort, whether you need to sit down for a while or you’re looking for a relaxing option.

Lift Chairs

A lift chair recliner is also known as a power lift chair or reclining chair with an electric lift or lowered motorised footrests. Lift chairs recliners are most often found in public spaces, like libraries, movie theaters, and airports. They offer a variety of features, with most having reliable lift systems that are easily accessed by the elderly. These chairs are especially good for individuals with any type of disability because they are not only available but are wide enough for most disabilities. These chairs are great for providing an easy way for wheelchair users to get up to a standing position.

Massage Recliners

Massage recliners are a type of recliner, usually made from a suede-like material, designed to have a massage function. Massage recliners have a handle at the back of the chair – when the handle is pressed, a panel extends from the seat and a massage plate adjusts to match the recliner’s shape. The panel presses down into the reclher while the recliner leans back against the panel, while the massage plate functions to at the same time release tension in the back and neck muscles.

Final Thought on Wall Hugger and Regular Recliners

Both regular recliners and wall hugger recliners are designed for you to lean back and be comfortable. If you use a regular recliner, it may be more difficult to reach your feet to pet your dog, reach your remote control, or read a book. Wall huggers, on the other hand, are so versatile that you can move them closer to the wall to reach your feet or to use them as a regular chair. It really depends on what you’re planning to do. I’d recommend figuring out what you need the recliner for and then deciding on one that is most comfortable for that.