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Kinds of Living Room Tables: Just 5 Types

The living room is an important place that tells a lot about who you are and what you do in your spare time. It should have a nice balance of cleanliness and fun, and should have a variety of things to keep it interesting. The room often doesn’t have a singular purpose, so a living room table should be equally versatile. If you have a modern living room, a coffee table with a tempered glass top will do the trick. The best living room tables have a lower shelf to store board games, movies, and other items. In a traditional living room, a nice study table with a bookshelf next to it will provide a nice blend of utility and style. Here are the 5 table options you’ll need to choose from:

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a beautiful investment that can really help bring a room together. Whether it’s round, square, or rectangular, the coffee table is the centerpiece of the room. Just like people, coffee tables vary in size, but the general rule is that they should be large enough for your guests to comfortably place their drinks, food, laptops, and other things. We recommend investing in high quality, solid wood tables with intricate details. This way you can expect quality craftsmanship, longevity, and the room to look great for years to come.

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Ottoman Tables

Ottoman tables are a fantastic option if you’ve got a small home to furnish. They provide plenty of storage space in the form of an ottoman, which can be used for drawer storage or for extra seating. Ottoman tables are also a good solution if you’ve found a living space that’s a little too small for coffee and dining tables. You can fit an ottoman table in a corner of a room, for example, and use it as a dining table.

An ottoman table

End Tables

If you’re looking for a table to place beside your couch, but you’re also looking for something that takes up a little less space than a full-length coffee or side table, then you should consider placing end tables next to your sofa. End tables, the other name for a console table, are perfect for decorating your living room and other rooms in your home. They can also fit next to other pieces of furniture such as armchairs, or diners, and they can be used to hold other objects such as books, vases, and lamps.

A side table next to a couch

Console Tables

A console tables are a great option for people looking to maximize their living space. They’re really narrow, so they’ll help you fit more furniture in at the same time. Console tables are typically longer than most furniture, so they’ll take up more height than an end table or coffee table. This is helpful if you’re short on space in your living room or don’t have any furniture that matches your style. It’s important to measure the available space for the table before buying furniture like this to make sure it’s the right size for your room.

A console table

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a great piece of furniture for a small living room because they take up a smaller surface area. The cool thing about these tables is that you can add them to add seating when you need to and then stack them up and put them away when you don’t. They’re easy to store and they take up less space.

Nesting tables in a restaurant

Final Thought on Kinds of Living Room Tables

There are five main types of living room tables: the nesting tables, the console tables, the coffee table, end tables, ottoman tables. All living room tables do almost the same thing, which is to provide a surface for your drinks, snacks and other stuff. Each of these tables is different in terms of your requirements, so it’s important to consider the environment of your living room to figure out the right table here. Remember to take your measurements before you go off to shop, so you can buy the best table for your home.