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Prayer Room Furniture (And Other Accessories) to Strengthen Your Faith

In the Bible, the temple is a home for God where priests offer sacrifices in order to maintain a bond with God. Temples had specific vessels and ornamentations that facilitated the spiritual activity for priests. In a similar way, a prayer room is a place where people come to exercise their faith and pray for guidance and comfort from God. Therefore, a prayer room should be decorated to reinforce your faith and provide a calming and soothing environment. Here’s the furniture you need to make your prayer room the haven for prayer.

Prayer Room Furniture Options

Because a prayer room is dedicated for prayers, there are only a handful of furniture pieces you should invest in.

Prayer Bench

A prayer bench is a must have in your room if you want to take your prayers to the next level. It is an important piece of furniture that is used for prayers. It differs from a prayer carpet in that it is lower to the ground. Prayer benches are created so they are easily accessible, so that is they are near the floor you can kneel at it. There are many different types of prayer benches, so find the one that’s best for you.

A Prayer Bench is a small pew that can be used in a variety of ways. It comes with a cushion which you’ll use to kneel on, and you can use it to kneel, sit, or even lean on. There are many different ways to incorporate this simple bench into your prayer sessions. You can use it to meditate or to pray, or take a break if your prayer is lasting.

A Ground Sofa Bed/ Floor Sofa

A ground sofa bed or floor sofa is a very useful addition to a prayer room where people of all ages need to be comfortable. This seat doubles as a prayer mat for those times you want to do a lot of prayers. It’s also a place to rest when reading your bible. It’s also excellent when you want to take a nap after a long day of prayer.

A Compatible Table

Find a suitable table to place in the room, if it’s not already there. You can use any table, of course, but we recommend finding something of the right height. While the traditional tables are at floor-to-ceiling height (such as in restaurants), your table should be closer to at-the-knee height on the ground. This way, when you pray or read on the floor, you will need to look down at the table. A tabletop that slopes towards on edge will help you do this.

Cupboard or Shelf for Books

When we talk about our spirituality or prayer room, there’s often a designated space for our books. This space often becomes a reflection of the owner’s voracious reading habits and, as such, organized neatly on shelves or in different sections. But what do we do with the books we actually use, the ones we turn to for inspiration, direction and comfort? I recommend that we buy a cupboard or install a shelf and dedicate that space to those that we need.

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Additional Accessories You May Need in Your Prayer Room

There are additional accessories that will make your prayer room more functional for its purpose. You want a room that inspires you to go before your creator and worship without worrying about a thing. Here are some of the most important accessories you’ll need.

Prayer Rug

One of the most essential accessories is the prayer rug. If you share the room with others, it gives them a marker for where to stand to pray. You’ll agree it’s important to make this room as accessible as possible. The prayer rug is one such way to make things accessible by letting people know where to pray.

It’s important to make sure your prayer rug is clean and it has enough coverage for you to make your prostrations. It’s also important to make sure your prayer rug is big enough for you.

Prayer Wheel

Prayer wheels come in all shapes and sizes. Some are hip and stylish while others are old-fashioned. I think prayer wheels are a great investment to have in your prayer room because it helps to keep you focused. You can spin the wheel while you’re praying to keep your mind focused. A prayer wheel can also be a great reminder to pray for others in your daily routine.

Prayer Candles and a Candle Holder

Candles are one of the most under-rated tools in my prayer practice. You can use them for contemplation, prayer, or to set the mood for meditation. When people think of lighting a candle, they usually consider it to be a spiritual activity. But I use prayer candles for any type of spiritual activity, whether I’m praying, meditating, or reflecting.

Prayer Incense

Though uncommon in Christian circles, prayer incense can be a blessing for all of your prayers. You can find a great range of prayer incense on the Internet, and it’s a great way to spread a fragrance around your home. Incense is a form of meditation, and it’s a really good way to soothe your mind and release your stress. It can be a way to communicate with your higher power.

Final Thought on Prayer Room Furniture

Sometimes, we sit down and we don’t know what to pray. But did you know that God already knows how we feel and what we need? He already knows our hearts and minds and what we’re going through. By praying, we talk to God and we ask for help and guidance. There are many different types of prayers. They’re not all the same and they don’t need to be formal. Prayer can be done in groups, or all by yourself. You can speak to God with your thoughts or just through your feelings. The most important thing is to open your heart and mind and let God in. But prayer requires a good environment to enjoy the process. Get quality furniture and other accessories for your prayer room.