A beautiful living room with a dark floor

6 Ways to Decorate With Dark Wood Floors

Whether you have installed new engineered floors or are looking to re-decorate an older floor, wooden floors can be the perfect finishing point. Although they tend to show dirt more than other flooring materials, they will often complement a room better and enhance the visual appeal in a way that no other flooring type can. The first thing that many people think of when combining wooden floors with the décor of their home is to use dark furniture and upholsteries as this will visually keep the room lighter and have a more rustic appeal.

What Options do You Have for Decorating With Dark Wood Floors?

Two of the most important things you need to keep in mind are texture and colour. You want to make sure that you’re pairing your dark wood floors with furniture and accents that have a good deal of detail and that the colour matches your floor. The possibilities with dark wood floors and colour are endless and can create some dramatic and beautiful rooms.

Here are a few tips to make your existing floor stand out from the pack:

Add Lights to Dark Corners and Shadows

The soft lighting of a lamp in the corner of a room can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of an area, especially a wood floor! It does not need to be a massive spotlight as even a small table lamp can do the trick, however, do make sure that it is placed somewhere prominent enough to still create the right effect. Light will make any room look bigger than it is and being able to shine a light on your floor is a perfect way to uplift the design of your home.

Decorating With Dark Wood Flooring and Achieving Visual Balance

Before you start changing the décor in a room to match the flooring, you need to get a feel for the flooring. A glaring mismatched floor with a boring, pristine room will have you reaching for the carpets in no time! However, if the floor has an interesting pattern or a hue of color, then you can start to work with it to achieve a balance in the room. If your wood floor is dark and glossy then you can add pops of colour to the room with brightly coloured accents and accent furniture. This will create a dynamic space that you and your guests will enjoy spending time in.

A dark floor with a golden contrast

Decorating With Dark Wood Floors With Contrasting Style

Dark wood floors are very versatile, they can be matched with a variety of styles and colours and can be quite dramatic. If you’re thinking about dark wood floors and you want to achieve a calm and serene backdrop while making a statement, we recommend using elegant and subdued colours while choosing neutral furniture and accents. The right combination for this type of décor can lead to a fascinating, lavish and dramatic room that magnificently balances the two contrasting aspects.

Use Area Rugs/Carpets to Define Zones

Area rugs make a home feel cozier and more inviting and help to define and divide different zones in your home. They also make a house feel warmer and make it look homier. An area rug can be a great way to make a room with dark wood floors feel more luxurious too. That being said, your decision about which rug to buy should be carefully considered. You need to buy a rug that matches your tastes, fit your home’s décor, and will be easy to maintain. As the rug is always on display, you want to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Mixed Wood Furniture and Fabric For Wood Floors

Generally speaking, furniture made out of light wood will work best for your dark wood floors. If you have dark wood floors, you can either go for dark wood furniture or mixed wood furniture that will break up that palette of dark colours. Mixing different wood colours, textures, and finishes can be really effective in adding character to your home.

Use Furniture Legs That match The Floor

One important way to make your room look great is to choose the right furniture for the floors. But don’t forget about the feet. To match the floor, pick furniture legs that match the flooring you’ve chosen. Wood floors and legs ought to be the same wood, and the same color if possible. Having a matching set of table and chairs will automatically make your room look more beautiful.

A room with a dark floor with rugs defining sections

Final Thought on Ways to Decorate With Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floors, like the oak that I use, give off great heat and they’re perfect for combating cold hardwood floors. All you need to do is walk on the floor and your eyes adjust to the natural warmth. They’re perfect if you live in a really cold climate since it’s difficult to heat your entire home. You can decorate your dark floors by using lights, getting right colored rugs, and buying appropriate furniture as we have guided you above.