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Wooden Outdoor Playhouse: Making the Right Choice for Your Baby(s)

A wooden outdoor playhouse is a great option for parents with young children. The outdoors can be a great space for children to play, and the wooden outdoor playhouse is the perfect option for establishing a more structured play area for your little ones.

Wooden outdoor playhouses are safe for children of all ages but are most appropriate for children who are flexible and less likely to break or injure themselves. The wooden outdoor playhouse is an excellent way to keep your kids engaged and having fun while not in the house. All of the same benefits of playing outside apply here, including the opportunity to get exercise, toss a ball, or swing around.

How to Choose a Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

The first thing that you need to know about outdoor playhouses is that there are different levels of durability. Some playhouses are made with the same wood as regular furniture, and these will need more regular maintenance. These playhouses can’t be left outside and will need to be painted and sealed every four to six years. This maintenance can be costly for some people. You may also want to consider the maintenance of the play equipment, such as swings and slides.

Meets the Recommended Safety Standards

It’s vital to make sure children are safe when they play outside, and there are certain standards that every safe playhouse should meet. These standards differ from country to country but all of them are designed to keep the users safe. So if you intend to buy outdoor playhouse models in the US, consider safety standards by the US. Those in the Europe subcontinent will consider EN71 European standards.

For instance, the weather cover needs to be made of plastic, with an extra layer of protection like UV finish. A playhouse should have a groundsheet or be made from a natural material, such as wood. It should have four safe entrances to the playhouse. It should also have a safe patio area for any adults to be outside the playhouse with children.

Windows Need to be Glazed With Styrene (100% Shatterproof)

If you’re building a wooden outdoor playhouse, there are several important aspects to consider. One of these aspects is the windows. The windows need to be made of styrene, which is 100% shatterproof, so they can withstand even the slightest playfully force. The windows also need to be installed on the outside of the playhouse, which means that the frames have to have a way to swing out. If the playhouse doesn’t have windows, then kids can’t go inside.

Safety Hinges are Installed on Doors

A lot of safety hinges are only available when you buy a playhouse from a playhouse manufacturer. Some playhouse retailers will not carry the safety hinges. Plus, they will not provide a safety hinge for a playhouse that is purchased at a different retailer. If a playhouse is going to be used in a backyard, a playhouse manufacturer would be a safer option. If you can’t purchase directly from the manufacture, make sure this feature is available on your playhouse.

Smoothed and Planed Timbers to Prevent Splinters

We all want to get the most out of our investment for a wooden playhouse. To get the very best value and get many years of family playtime, we need to do some maintenance and look after our playhouse.

A good wooden playhouse will need to be planed and smoothed to ensure it doesn’t have splinters and to prevent any possible injury to the kids. You don’t want your kid getting a severe scratch on their body when you expect them to be enjoying, right? Most importantly, we need to surround the playhouse with a buffer zone to prevent any instances of people running into the structure.

Quality Timber for a Lasting Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

To ensure the durability of the playhouse, it’s important that the construction is done with quality timber. This will give your kids a playground that will last, and they’ll be able to play with the same set for years. Well, every seller will claim their playhouse is the best quality but you want to make sure they are mentioning hardwood in their sales pitch to be sure you are getting quality.

Playhouse Height Appropriate for Your Child

If your kids are taller, you might want to get a taller playhouse. If your kids are still small, then you should get a shorter one. Ensure that the playhouse is the right size for your child. Many playhouses come in different heights for different age groups, so you can narrow your search based on your child’s age.

Gap Around Doors to Prevent Trapped Fingers

Kids playing hide and seek often hide in small, enclosed spaces. If they find a space that is too small, the child may get their fingers stuck and not be able to escape. This can be a very dangerous situation. To prevent this, you need to cut a gap in the door of the playhouse so that no fingers get stuck. Different sized rooms will need different size gaps, but for a typical playhouse, you’ll want a gap that is no higher than 4 cm.

Ladders That are Non-slip

One of the most important safety things to look for when buying a wooden playhouse is the ladders. It’s vital to make sure that they have a non-slip coating that makes it easier for little hands to get a grip while going up and down the ladders. Sometimes, you’ll find a playhouse that’s a roofed wooden cabin with a ladder. Usually, you’ll find the ladders against the cabin wall.

Requiring Assembly or Not

The best quality playhouses are the ones that are the easiest to assemble. If you see that there are many pre-made parts that don’t require any assembly, then that’s a good sign. Playhouses need to be strong and sturdy to last, so they should be able to be assembled by one person. If you’re not so handy, take this into consideration before you buy your playhouse.

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Summarizing on Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

Wooden Outdoor Playhouse is both beautiful and practical. It’s much more durable than other options, because it’s made with solid pieces of wood. Selecting the right building materials is one of the factors that will determine how long your playhouse will last, so it’s important to take the time to consider your options.

Wooden Outdoor Playhouse also need to be safe for the sake of your children. If you are buying one, make sure they are approved and features non-slippery stairs, gaps around the entrances, and with glazed windows with non-shattering styrene. Finally, make sure that what you are buying is of the right size.