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Quiz: Discover Your Signature Palette with the 16 Seasonal Color Analysis

Welcome to the “16 Seasonal Color Analysis” quiz! This fun and interactive quiz is designed to help you uncover your unique color palette based on the renowned 16 seasonal color analysis. Grab a pen and paper to jot down your answers, and let’s dive into the world of colors!

1. What colors make you feel most energized and alive?
a) Soft pastels
b) Cool blues and greens
c) Rich earth tones
d) Icy blues and crisp neutrals

2. When it comes to your wardrobe, which color family dominates?
a) Light and airy pastels
b) Cool and calming blues
c) Warm and earthy tones
d) Crisp whites and icy blues

3. How would you describe the atmosphere you want to create in your living space?
a) Fresh and vibrant
b) Serene and relaxed
c) Cozy and inviting
d) Crisp and pure

4. What textures do you find most appealing in home decor?
a) Light and soft fabrics
b) Cool and smooth surfaces
c) Warm and textured materials
d) Crisp and clean finishes

5. Which season do you look forward to the most?
a) Spring
b) Summer
c) Autumn
d) Winter

6. What’s your go-to color for creating a calming and tranquil environment?
a) Soft pinks and lavenders
b) Cool blues and greens
c) Deep reds and browns
d) Icy blues and grays

7. How would you describe your ideal vacation destination?
a) Flower-filled meadows
b) Tropical beaches
c) Rustic cabins in the woods
d) Snow-covered mountains

8. Which of the following patterns do you find most appealing?
a) Floral prints
b) Geometric shapes
c) Plaid and checks
d) Simple stripes

9. What role do metallic accents play in your preferred decor style?
a) Delicate gold and silver accents
b) Cool and polished metals
c) Warm and aged metals
d) Shiny and reflective surfaces

10. How do you feel about incorporating neutral tones into your home?
a) Neutrals as a background for pops of color
b) Neutrals to create a serene base
c) Neutrals for a cozy and timeless feel
d) Neutrals as a crisp and clean backdrop


  • For each “a” response, give yourself 1 point.
  • For each “b” response, give yourself 2 points.
  • For each “c” response, give yourself 3 points.
  • For each “d” response, give yourself 4 points.


  • 10-16 points: Your color palette is aligned with the freshness of Spring.
  • 17-24 points: Your color palette resonates with the warmth of Summer.
  • 25-30 points: Your color palette reflects the richness of Autumn.
  • 31-40 points: Your color palette embodies the purity of Winter.

Congratulations on completing the “16 Seasonal Color Analysis” quiz! Use your results to guide your fashion choices, home decor decisions, and overall style to embrace the colors that complement your unique personality and preferences.