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Increase Productivity by Investing in Quality Office Chairs

If you own a business, you should constantly be looking for ideas to boost your workplace productivity. Many employers think they can achieve this by investing in employee talent, coming up with creative strategies, and offering huge salaries. But have you ever thought that investing in quality office furniture might just be the game-changer? Your office environment should incorporate quality ergonomic furniture, especially if you have long-hour shifts. Letting yourself or your employees sit for more than eight hours on uncomfortable chairs not only decreases productivity but might also have hazardous health effects.

Is an ergonomic office chair worth investing in? It’s so obvious that when looking for an office chair, your utmost consideration should be the comfort it offers. You don’t want a scenario where your employees constantly ask for day-offs to pay doctor visits due to back pain.

Power of posture

Generally, an office worker spends most of the time sitting behind a computer desk. Sitting in a bad posture for long hours can prompt all sorts of ailments, which will prevent your employees from working normally.

According to the recommended standards, you want to get a chair that lets you rest at 90-degree angles with your feet resting flat on the floor. Your ideal chair should also be adjustable enough but not too good to make you sleep.

Create a more professional space

How do you feel when walking into an office with unprofessional chairs stitched in tapes? Other than having a fear of falling, unprofessional chairs can be a turnoff for both employees and customers.

On the other hand, visually appealing and functional furniture can boost employee morale and give your office a professional impression. Keeping employees in a comfortable place to partake their duties all day long is the best gift you can give in exchange for productivity.

Eliminate potential of workplace injury

If you want to cut off on employee health costs, then you should not underestimate the power of ergonomic office furniture. 

Most employers focus on chemical and electrical risks and forget the injuries caused by unprofessional furniture. Back strain, a common cause of employee absenteeism, can be eliminated by investing in tilt ergonomic and adjustable chairs with backrest. Armrests are not necessarily required, especially for workers who spend most of their office time typing since it gives an awkward shoulder position prone to strain and injury.

Cater for all sizes

All employees are not the same height and don’t weigh the same. In normal sense, this would mean getting measurements for all your employees and getting them tailor-made seats. Fortunately, all the hassle can be eased by investing in quality office chairs which are adjustable and cater for all sizes.

How to Shop for an Ergonomic Office Chair

Almost every seller brands their chairs ergonomic, but most do not have the science to back their products. An ergonomic office chair supports your lower back while keeping your spine in proper shape. It should also have a headrest for neck support.

We must also emphasize that there is no gold bundle in office ergonomics to suit everyone, but instead, you have to consider the adjustability in reference to your needs.

Tilting and Reclining

When shopping for your ergonomic office chair, you want something easily adjustable to a comfortable position. Sitting in a slightly tilted position helps relieve pressure on your lower back region.

Seat Depth

While this factor is often overlooked, chairs with seat depth adjustment are the best. This option is found in premium high-end and executive chairs. It ensures your thighs are fully resting on the seat pan regardless of your body size.

Lumbar Support

Ensure the backrest provides strong lumbar support to keep your spine in good shape all day. If you don’t have a limited budget, get chairs with flexible lumbar support that molds around your spine.

Dedicated Headrest

If you have experienced neck pain in the past due to leaning while working, you need to find an office chair with a dedicated headrest. For chairs without a headrest, you may also achieve this by raising the backrest but to be on the safe side, get one with a dedicated headrest.


You don’t want your arms to be hanging when you are typing. To ensure your arms are comfortable, get a chair with 3D armrests (those that move both in and out and are height adjustable).

Wrapping up on the best office chairs

Apart from investing in talent and treating employees right, there’s another way to increase your workplace productivity – investing in quality office chairs. When choosing the best ergonomic office chairs, someone else’s choice might not necessarily be yours. Provided we spend at least 8 hours a day sited; you want something that will give you utmost comfort and maintain your workplace’s beauty. Just be sure not to focus on looks so much than you do on functionality.