A living room setup/ a baby sitting on a coffee table

How to Set Up Your Living Room – the Proper Way

Knowing how to set up your living room is crucial for creating the perfect space to hang out with family and friends. Most people try to make their living room look like a hotel or spa. But it’s always important to prioritize comfortable seating over style to get the perfect living room setup. Your living room should be an inviting space to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Pick out a couch or set of chairs that are comfortable for you and your guests. A coffee table with a touch of style is a great option. A lamp so you can see better during the night. Mirrors so you can see more of the room. A rug or a space of flooring that is non-slip. And of course a TV you’ll enjoy watching.

The living room is a place you can relax, entertain, study, and sleep. It’s a multi-purpose room in your home. Start by finding a spot for all of your furniture. Make sure you have enough space for everyone to move around. You might want to measure the room before getting your furniture in. Once you have the furniture in place, just add some great décor like pillows, lamps, wall art, or throw blankets. It can be anything that makes you happy. Do you need help setting up your living room? This post will help you do just that.

Step 1: Place the Couch at the Center of the Room, Facing the TV

Ideally, your TV should already be hanging on a wall somewhere in the room. This position is one where light from outside is not interfering with your watching. If you have a small room, mounting the TV on the wall saves you more space than using a TV stand. Once the TV is placed, you can now take your couch and put it at the center of the room facing the television. Depending on the size of the room, the couch may leave big space at the back and sides or just enough room to walk around the couch.

Step 2: Place the Coffee Table in Front of the Couch in the Center of the Room

The next natural move is to place your coffee table in front of the couch, in between the TV and the sitting area. You know what that is for, right? That’s where your remote controls will rest, where you can place snacks, and any other item and accessories you may be using as you watch your TV. Coffee tables should leave enough leg room for the person using the couch.

Step 3: Place Dining Chairs in the Opposite Direction of the Coffee Table, Facing Each Other

Do you have a separate dining room or it’s part of your living room? If they share the same space, your dining chairs should be placed next to the kitchen, facing each other. This likely will be opposite the coffee table. Make sure there’s enough space for a person to walk around the dining table.

Your living room may also be work and live space. You should use the same arrangement as the one with dining set above. The following idea will make this arrangement even more effective.

Step 4: Use a Rug/Carpet to Section the Living Area From the Dining or Office Space

A rug/carpet can be very useful for partitioning your living space without using any barrier like a curtain or wall. Ideally, this should be a good looking rug and should be placed in the living area. If possible place another rug (of a different colour or pattern) under the dining set or office furniture to highlight the distinction.

Step 5: Place the Side Tables With Lamps on Either Side

If you have side tables next to your couches or in the corners of your living room, put them on either side so they face each other and offer an aesthetic effect for your space. Again this arrangement should be strategic so that when the lights are on, they illuminate the space effectively.

Step 6: Be Creative With Your Decor

One of the ways to set up a living room and become successful at it is by using your decor creatively. That includes using throw pillows, flower vases, and wall art. With decor, always remember not to overdo it. Depending on the size of your house, get one or two art pieces for each wall, proportionate pillows, and flower settings around the room.

The Best Way to Set up a Living Room

The best way to set up a living room is what works for you and your family. Get a couch that looks good and feels comfortable for you, buy a coffee table that’s proportionate to the couch, and find decor you’ll appreciate. Don’t overdo it.