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Hidden Gun Storage Ideas: Clever and Tactical Firearm Storage

If you have a gun in your home, it is important that you have a safe place to store it. With the gun in the wrong place and small children around, you can accidentally have a tragedy on your hands. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and there are a number of clever and creative ways you can store your firearm and ensure that it stays out of the wrong hands. Corporal Dante Green joins us in this post to show you a few clever and tactical hidden gun storage ideas.

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas: Overview

Traditionally, people store their guns in a safe but safes are not the best option, especially during emergencies. The reason is simple: In the event of an emergency, you immediately need a gun to protect yourself and your family. A safe can be a huge pain to access in a time of need. Corporal Dante recommended two ways to get the perfect storage for your firearm: DIY a storage box or buy one.

DIY Gun Storage Ideas

A way to store your firearms safely at home is to build yourself a cabinet to store them in. This is easy to do on your own, and you’ll be able to control how safe or insecure you want your storage space to be. You’ll need to make sure the cabinet is strong enough to bear the weight of your firearm. Whether it’s lightweight or heavy, you don’t want it falling over while you’re handling the firearm.

Gun storage can range from something as basic as a cupboard structure or as complicated as building a homemade wall mounted cabinet. Depending on the type of storage you’re looking for, you will need the right tools and the right skills to DIY it. Mostly, building a gun cabinet requires carpentry skills and the right wood. You might need powered carpentry tools together with nails and screws.

Storage When There’s Only You

One of the best aspects of living alone is that you have total control over your environment. You can keep your gun anywhere in your house. Obviously, you have to think about safety and personal responsibility the same way you would with a young child. Check your locks and keep your gun out of sight.

Use Your Pantry: The best placement for your firearm is an area that is out of sight. A good idea is to conceal your weapons in the pantry because it’s not easily noticeable to intruders. If an intruder gets to your home, the pantry might be the last place they’d imagine your firearm is.

Inside the Front Door – There are a few advantages to doing this. One is that the gun is within easy reach in case you need to grab it quickly in case of an intruder. But it also has to be locked in a safe so that if you’re in another part of the house or out for the day, you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your weapon.

Keep in the Bathroom Cabinet: Keeping a firearm in your bathroom is a good idea because an intruder may allow you the opportunity to use the bathroom. The gun should be kept in a safe, rather than in the open – in the waistband under your clothes for instance. This will allow you quick access in the event that you need it.

Under the Bed: Keeping your gun under the bed is a great way to keep it close to you in case of an intruder. You’ll agree that being able to grab your gun when you need to might make all the difference in the world, and having it where you sleep is the best option.

Hiding Your Gun When You Live With Children

If you live with children under the age of 18, you need to take into consideration that they might accidentally find your tucked-away gun. Forget about keeping it under the bed or anywhere random in your bathroom. Best to store it in a place that isn’t too hidden, but accessible. It’s important to teach them about guns and gun safety as well.

Create a Cabinet in the Wall

If you want to store your rifle or pistol and still have space to display some full body décor and memorabilia on your walls, there is a great opportunity to store your gun. It’s called a Cabinet in the Wall. You can get any style cabinet, bring down part of the wall, and install it there. This can be on the wall behind your couch, along the corridors, or where the door opens. There you can install a range of gun safes and gun racks so you can store your guns and keep them out of the way.

Remember the adults in the room not to remove the decor, picture, or mirror because it’s what’s concealing your gun. If you need to break part of your wall to get to the studs, it’s important to avoid any plumbing or electrical wiring.

The process is quick straightforward. Cut the hole in your wall, build the gun box/cabinet big enough for your gun, install the door together with its locking mechanism. Then insert your gun and cover the place with a piece of art or mirror.

Gun Storage in Your Book Case

If you don’t like cutting and bringing down part of your wall, or don’t have enough wall space for a cabinet, try using your bookcase as your gun storage. Bookcases are one of the best places to store your gun. If you don’t have one already, you can install one in your closet or in your bedroom to keep your gun.

What you want to do is to make a box out of wood that’s the same size as your gun then attach it to your bookcase. Of course, this should be on the side away from sight. Ensure your installation looks as natural as possible.

Improvise Your Couch

Improvising is a great skill for any homeowner because you never know when you might need to consider an alternative way to fix something. If you have the type of couch that’s hollow on the inside, that’s an opportunity for gun storage. Simply pop the couch apart. This could be at the sitting area or behind the seat. You might need to build a separate box where your gun will be held before shoving it into the sofa. Store the weapon in the couch’s cavity, then secure the gun in place using a weld, cord, Velcro, or even duct tape.

Caution! Something that people do not think about when they use a sofa for storage of a weapon is that it can be difficult to get to it in an emergency, and intruders may easily walk in, go directly to the couch, and take it. In the event of a home invasion, a weapon under a sofa may not be there when you need it.

Inside Your Closet

Another great way to store a gun safely is to hide it in a closet. It’s a good place to store a gun because you’re unlikely to have robbers going through the closets. This move is particularly useful if your gun has a fabric casing that will work alongside your regular clothing. Some closets have fabric casings which is a plus. However, make sure the closet is yours alone or at least everyone that enters it knows you have a gun stored there.

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Hidden Gun Storage Ideas You Can Buy

When you decide to buy storage for your gun, go for the best quality you can afford. A good gun safe should be strong and durable. It needs to be resistant to fire and provide a certain degree of protection against theft and unauthorized access. Something to consider is the size of the safe and how easy it is for the weapon to fit in. If you don’t know what size gun safe to get, the best thing to do is to measure your weapon and compare it to the sizes of different gun safes. This will make it easier for you to find a match.

Here are some of the gun storage ideas that caught our eyes:

Concealment Clock

Concealment Clock is the perfect place where you can hide your gun without anyone noticing. With room enough for handguns, you can feel confident during an attack that intruders can’t find your weapon. It’s hand-cast by skilled sculptors, to make it look as a real clock and nothing more. When choosing what corner of your home you want to keep your Concealment Clock, consider the living room, along the corridors, and even your kitchen.

Faux Book Safe Set

A safe place to store your handgun. This faux book safe is designed to look like a novel that is just waiting to be read. You can place it on your desk if you live alone or on a bookshelf that hangs on your wall. The book safe is the perfect place to store your firearm when in disguise in plain sight. Protects from fire and includes a combination lock for fast access. It is made of plywood sheets and synthetic woodgrain which are designed to closely replicate the real thing.

Concealed Coffee Table for Gun Storage

Get the Concealed Coffee Table for Gun, one of the latest addition to the gun storage world. It gives you all the functionality of a coffee table but comes with guns storage hidden all around the inside, perfect for the most efficacious way of hiding your guns. The top uses a sliding mechanism (ball bearing) to close and open to access your guns.

American Classics Slider Cabin

Keep all of your guns in one compact small box with the American Classics Slider Cabin. No gun will just lie there forgotten in the cramped space of a regular cabinet, and you’ll never have to worry about losing the key to your cabinet. Made of polyethylene and includes a sliding tray on the side and foam dividers for your comfort and safety. It looks like a regular cabinet and so won’t raise the attention of intruders unless they have used it before.

Final thought on Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

In the end, there are a number of great ideas for hidden gun storage. There are a number of ways to incorporate your guns into your home. You can build a hidden gun cabinet, you can design a room with a false closet to hide the guns, or you can build a wall unit with a hidden space to hide the guns. You can also choose to buy some of the great storage ideas for hiding your gun. Ensure you don’t forget about the smaller and easier designs and ideas out there!