an image demonstrating feng shui bedroom layout

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout: Make the Most Out of Your Sleeping Space

Many people argue that a bedroom should be a place of relaxation and serenity. In Feng Shui philosophy, this is very important because it’s where we get more than just a full night’s rest. It’s where we can draw blessings or bad luck. The environment in a bedroom should be calming and provide the best possible sleep. In order to create the optimal sleep environment for your bedroom,¬†there are things to do and some to avoid.

Understanding the Logic Behind Feng Shui Chi

In case you are wondering, Feng Shui is a Chinese terminology meaning the flow of energy from the heavens (wind) and earth (water). To understand why this is relevant to your bedroom layout, you should know the concept of Feng Shui – Chi. Chi is drawing life energy from things around us and beyond us because everything contains Chi in it (if it’s healthy or in good condition).

To tap into and maximize Feng Shui Chi, you should learn the art of placement. How you position yourself allows a good or bad flow of energy. Everyone wants a good flow of energy around them and that’s why you need to take advantage of the Feng Shui bedroom layout. Whether you are just moving in or want to turn things around in your home, you can count on this guide for the needed info.

The Principles of Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Command position is the most basic and easy to implement principle of Feng Shui. This is you, which is represented by your bed. Your desk is your work and your stove is your wealth (self-nourishment). The command position states that you should be in line with the door without facing it directly. That’s if someone is standing outside the door, they shouldn’t see your bed.

For the layout of your home, there are eight energy areas you should understand to implement Feng Shui fully. These energy areas represent career, children, fame, family, wealth, health, partnerships, and helpful people. It’s not necessary to implement all these at once in your bedroom. So start with three of the most important to you to trigger the energy you need.

Then come five elements that are interdependent upon each other: earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. These five corresponds to the eight energy areas differently as they balance against each other. These elements don’t just respond to where you place your stuff but also colors and shapes. So in case you want to improve energy flow in your home, you need to identify the various elements and add or remove any relevant stuff. For instance, you might want to use a brown rag next to your bed to get some earth energy in your bedroom.

Never Sleep Facing Towards or Away From the Door

Sleeping while facing the door or away from it is one of the biggest mistakes you can do during your bedroom layout. It’s known as the “coffin position” or “dead man’s position” because that’s the position a dead person leaves or gets through doors (that’s either head first or feet first while lying horizontally).

Energy flows in through the doorways and windows. When you lie directly facing towards the door or away from it, then you feel insecure and vulnerable considering you are in the way of various forces.

When it’s impossible to arrange your bed in a different position other than in line with the door, then get a headboard or footboard to feel more secure. For some people, this is not an option because they’d feel trapped. If that’s you, then try to improvise with some sort of barrier. This can be a chest stuffed with blankets. You should also look for means to see what’s coming inside your bedroom. Use a mirror on the sidewall, if you haven’t thought of a thing.

No Bed in Front of a Window or Facing a Bathroom Door

Just like in the case of your door, you don’t want to place your bed in front of your window. Windows, like doors, are entry points of energy that can interfere with your sleep. If your room’s design forces you to place your bed in front of your window, then getting a high bed with a headboard may help. You also want to have space all around the bed so there is room for energy to move around.

To avoid facing the bathroom door is also critical to successfully Feng Shui your bedroom. It’s the bathroom that energy leaves your home because of the germs and continuous disturbances that happen in this area of your home. If you have no option but face the bathroom, you need to close both the bathroom and bedroom doors. Then place a mirror on the inside of your bathroom door facing the toilet bowl. This helps reflect negative energy back towards the toilet.

How to Feng Shui a Bedroom With Beams

You shouldn’t place your bed beneath beams. This dissects energy and exerts press on you as it cuts across your body. This effect might cause illness to those using this space. But if you have no option but to place the bed under the beams, then take two flutes with red ribbons and hang them above. The open endings of your flutes must face away from your bed (upwards). As you might tell, the flutes facing upwards lets the negative energy flow away from you. It also interferes with the cutting effect.

Declutter Your Bedroom to Detoxify it

Feng Shui detoxification here involves removing all kinds of toxic substances and chemical elements from your bedroom. This includes cleaning products and any other toxic chemicals you might be using in your home. You then need to replace them with organic alternatives like plants, and non-toxic substances (cleaning products). Get yourself some orange oil, organic soaps, lotions, and so on to make the room fresh.

If your bedroom is a mess with clutter, you should strive to organize it. Clutter is responsible for subconsciously blocking good energy that could be of great value to you. Check underneath your bed, wardrobes, and all corners to declutter and clean. Remove rags, take away papers, and all unused stuff. Take note of written material as well. You don’t want a letter written by someone you parted ways with to still be lugging in your space; it can influence your existing relationships.

Under your bed should be clear of anything to allow a free flow of energy.

What Does Color and Art Got to Do in Feng Shui Bedroom Layout?

Just like in any other world, color says a lot about your spaces and can influence behavior and mood. You should know what you want to achieve with your setting to find the most relevant colors. If you seek restful sleep, then go with light neutral colors. Want to attract a soulmate? Then go with peaches and pinks. Want to make your bedroom a place of passion, go with red splashes. Want a flow of health and vitality in your bedroom? Blues and greens are the answer.

It goes without saying, artwork is a critical part of Feng Shui layouts as well. This does not mean you compromise on your tastes. Choose whichever art that you want. But if you are still looking for a partner, then find artworks that depict double objects, pairs of things, or two people and not single items or images of one individual.

Install your artwork at eye level or raise them for life force energy to increase. Also, place art in the opposite direction of your bed instead of behind it. Family photos are better of in other rooms, not your bedroom.

No Electronics in a Feng Shui Bedroom

With Feng Shui in play, you don’t need TVs, radios, phones, computers, and all other kinds of electronic devices. The last thing you want in your bedroom is electromagnetic fields that would interfere with your sleep. Instead, read a book to keep you busy, use alarm clocks to wake you up, and cover your TV and computers if they have to stay in the room.

Other Concepts of Feng Shui You Shouldn’t Ignore

Get Another Bed

If you’ve been sickly lately and tried changing the position of your bed with no effect, then get another bed. The same goes if you got another partner; change the bed. You might also want to avoid second hand beds that have been used by other people because they might come with bad energy.

No Bed Above the Stove or Toilet

If you live in a storey building, you want to avoid placing the bed above your toilet or stove. Doing this only leads to health issues. Your bed over the stove may cause liver disease.

Air Conditioner Shouldn’t be Above the Bed

When cold air meets your skin, the pores open up to let energy in. Any negative energy could lead to colds, headaches, and stiffness. That’s why an air conditioner shouldn’t be placed about the bed.

Rounded Furniture is Better

Feng Shui is more effective when furniture is rounded or ovalish. Furniture with sharp corners cuts energy that is moving toward the sleeping person and forms poison arrows that deflect good energy. So whether a storage unit, a bedside table, or lighting, go with rounded ones. If your furniture is pointed, then the corners shouldn’t face towards you

Symmetrical Arrangement is Critical

Arranging your bedroom stuff in a symmetry is important in feng shui. That’s how you achieve balance. Get pieces of furniture that resemble in one way or another then organize them in line with the bed.

Scented and Colored Candles

Having candles do not just bring light into your home but they also promote the fire element in Feng Shui. Have nice arrangements depending on color and try to get natural scents.

Use an Air Purifier

You want to breath clean air, right? An air purifier helps generate fresh and quality air which is good for positive energy.

Let in as Much Natural Light as Possible

Natural light (particularly in the morning) positively affects the hormones in your body to take on a new day with strength and vigor. Feng Shui says the soft light in the evenings is also good. So get window treatments that can let in as much natural light as possible for the best experience.

Block Off the Work Area from Your Bed

Ideally, your office space shouldn’t be in the bedroom. That’s why we advised you shouldn’t have computers or laptops in the bedroom. Same should apply to children bedrooms; no working (studying) in this area. But if it’s necessary find screen panels to shield away the work area when you are through with using it.

Comfortable Bedding All the Time

You are encouraged to invest in high quality bedding to have the most comfortable sleep. The bed should also be of big size.

No Floor Beds

Your bed should be raised above the ground. This allows for energy circulation around and under the bed. But you shouldn’t raise the bed to a position you are struggling to reach.

No Water in the Bedroom, Good for Other Rooms

Water quenches fire (passion) and so adding water elements inside the bedroom is a bad idea. It easily results in arguments. But water is known to invite wealth and money into a home, so having water in other parts of your home is a great idea.

Final Thought on Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Understanding the concepts of Feng Shui is important if you want a flow of energy that benefits you. Consider everything from the type including furniture you use, where you place them, other things you need for comfortable sleep, and what you don’t need. With everything in position, you can enjoy your sleep.