Christmas dining table accessories

Christmas Dining Table Accessories & Ideas: How to Set Your Christmas Table

Christmas is fast approaching and those who consider it a significant day would love it to be memorable. On this day you want your home to look the part and remain that way for a while. The dining table is central to the celebrations and must look good even as you decorate the rest of your home. Once you have your meals planned for, it’s time to get Christmas dining table accessories to crown the festivities.

Here’s how to set up your dining table for Christmas.

Begin With the Centerpiece

A dining table centerpiece is where all the celebration energy flows from. Get this accessory right, and choosing the rest of the decorative pieces becomes easy. If you are looking for a traditional look, get garlands and fairy lights. If you want a modern look, stagger a beautiful flower vase and incorporate your favorite flowers in it. Even better, add pine cones to your garland for your Christmas theme to look more appealing.

If you are still struggling to get the perfect centrepiece, then choose any of these many accessories that work great for Christmas dining tables:

  • Filling a platter with fruit
  • Staggering tall candles
  • Graphic vases
  • DIY vases
  • Floating flora or pine in glass vessles
  • DIY epsom salt luminaries
  • Dough bowl with candles, pine cones, and more
  • Mini christmas trees

Be Creative With the Tablecloth

There are many creative table clothes you can use as backdrops for your dining table. From pain whites, to mixtures of red, black, and white, you can go with anything that works with the theme of your home. Plaid tableclothes are another excellent table backdrop because of their grounded look. With these you just need to add a few tangerines with pops of orange and other fruit colors.

Set Your Dining Table Aglow With String Lights

Christmas would be incomplete without the appropriate lighting. String lights tend to be more christmas-y than most lighting. These lights can be hanged anywhere around the house but are better off set on your dining table. The lights work so well as Christmas dining table accessories because they brighten other decors available in the entire dining area. Some lights come with a power source while others need to be plugged into your electricity channel. So when you go shopping look into the best source of power for your situation.

Packaged Christmas Gift Bags

Another great way to make use of a big dining table is by accessorizing it with Christmas grab bags. Get brown paper gift bags and apply white color over them. Create patterns using a brush as you wish. Package them with whatever you intend to offer your guests, then stuff the remaining space with pine branches and twine. You can accompany each Christmas gift bag with a lit candle beside it. If you have a smaller dining table, say one that hosts 4 people, you are better off putting the gift bags next to the chairs than on top of the table.

Christmas Themed Food Ware

You can never go wrong with chrismas themed foodware. Glassware for instance can be designed with santa themes, all in red black, white and other colours related with Christmas. Glasses may also work great with pieces of ribbons tied around them. These can be champagne flutes, highballs, martini glasses or any other kind of glass.

Other dinnerware like plates, cups, spoons, can also be decorative accessories depending on what you are looking for. There’s a lot of dinnerware in the market (with art) that you could buy as you wait on this beautiful day. Just make sure you are serving your delicious course on the right tableware. Lay out the curtlary in detail with the knives to the right, the forks on the left together with the napkin and dessert spoon in their rightful position.

Get a Towering Celebration Cake

If Chrismas is near, you can bake a towering cake and use it as a centerpiece of your dining table. Of course this has to be appropriately decorated to match the celebrations. You can use white icing coupled with black and red decor then try put small pine branches at the top plus candle lights.

Some people find using a cake to be better because most of it ends up in people’s stomachs. You are not left with unused stuff that you wold keep till next Christmas.

Invest in the Background

Well, a background may not be part of Christmas dining table accessories but it’s one way to improve the aesthetics of your dining room area. This can be a board with lights hanging over it, pine branches hanging around your window, a christmas tree standing at the corner, a piece of art hanging on the wall, new curtains or any other window treatments at the back, among many other options you may like.

Find Complementing Pieces of Furniture

Christmas is a great time to be creative because you might be hosting more people than your table can handle. That’s where you intoduce other pieces of furniture. A foldable bench is a common choice in most instances because it can accommodate several people at a go. If you have a sheepskin, throw it over the bench for confort as well as offer warmth during winter. You can also get stools to use around the dining space for everyone to get somewhere to sit and enjoy this special day.

Final Thought on Christmas Dining Table Accessories

Christmas is special and that’s why you need to make it memorable. Setting up your dining area with the Christmas dining table accessories and tips we mention above is a critical part of getting just what you need. Of course there are many other ways to organize your dining area, feel free to be creative and enjoy the festivities.