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5 Ways to Protect Your Family From Furniture Accidents

Children don’t always obey your instruction and may wander off on their own at any time of the day. So, you have to worry whether they are safe in your absence, right? When they are younger and can’t understand what hurts and what doesn’t it becomes critical to watch over them. How do you do it?

Protecting Your Family From Furniture Accidents

Maintain a Safe Distance Between Your Child and the Edge of the Table

Kids exploring the world is one of the best parts of parenting, but when they get too close to something dangerous, it can be damaging for them in the long run. Furniture that has an edge that’s too high for their height can lead to accidents that can be easily avoided. You don’t want them falling off sofa edges or knocking themselves in the corners of your table.

Use Stair Gates

Setting up a safety gate, whether it’s a pressure mount gate or a wall mount gate, can be a great way to prevent your child from getting into a dangerous space. It’s imperative to install gates as low as possible so your child can’t climb over them. It’s also important to maintain the gate so it works to its full potential. This means cleaning it on a consistent basis and moving it to a new place every three months to avoid putting too much pressure on a single spot. Remember that a safety gate is a safety gate.

Don’t Let Your Child Climb the Furniture

Climbing furniture can be a hazard for your child, but if you’re extremely concerned about accidents, the best course of action is to teach your child to stay away from furniture that’s too high. One way to do this is to constantly remind them whenever they attempt to do it.

Replace or Repair any Damaged Furniture

It’s important to replace or repair your furniture before it’s so damaged that people can get injured, especially children. Make sure the furniture you buy is the right size and that it’s well balanced and able to support heavier weight. You should replace or repair damaged, old furniture before it becomes a safety issue.

Use Removable Corner Guards

Removable Corner Guards are an inexpensive way to ensure our children are safe around the home. They are protective foam pads that are easily placed on the corners of furniture to prevent children from running into them. When our children are old enough to walk, they are able to explore the world around them. The only problem is that they don’t always stop and pay attention to their surroundings and can run into furniture. Removable Corner Guards help to eliminate the risk of injury. They also keep furniture from looking weathered and warn and can even prevent dings and scratches on walls and furniture rails.

Let them Know the Different Between Different Furniture Pieces

You want to educate your kids about the dangers and risks that come with having a lot of different furniture pieces in their room. Draw a picture of their room and mark the different chairs and tables and beds and dressers and determine how many different pieces they have. Count the different ways to get from one piece to another in their room. Make a rough sketch of the routes from one piece to another, and figure out how likely it is for them to make a mistake because of the layout of furniture.

Invest in Slip-Resistant Floor Coverings

Slip-resistant floor coverings are important for reducing the risk of accidents within the home. Whether you have a slippery floor from a liquid spill, or a floor that’s been sealed to the point where it’s slippery, this type of flooring can help offset the risk of accidents.

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Child Safety Inside the House

Generally, children like to move around the house and play with different things. It is really important for parents to make sure that there are no safety hazards. The following are some things you need to keep in mind to keep your kids safe:

1. Place dangerous items out of reach: This includes knives, scissors, cleaning products, and so on. Put them in cabinets or on high shelves so your kids cannot reach them.

2. Install childproof locks: This is important so your kids cannot go in places they shouldn’t.

3. Install pool safety fence: Children can get into the pool and drown even if it’s just shallow water.

4. Install smoke alarms: It is important to install these for fire safety. You cannot just say that kids need to learn from their mistakes. The environment and the resources around us can definitely teach our kids a lot of things.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Protect Your Family From Furniture Accidents

This is a clear bias to hardwood furniture because it is the most expensive option; however, it offers the best protection against furniture disasters. If you or your family are clumsy, or if you have small children, this might be the best solution to your problems. Consider the softness of your floors and whether any rugs are in the way when your furniture falls. It is also very important make sure to anchor your furniture to the wall to prevent tipping.